Financial highlights for the year ended 25 December 2015.

Financial highlights20152014Increase %

  1. Underlying profit is calculated as profit (or loss) excluding profit (or loss) on sale of fixed assets, external transaction costs and exceptional items.
  2. Underlying earnings per share is calculated as profit (or loss) on ordinary activities after taxation, before profit (or loss) on sale of fixed assets and external transaction costs and exceptional items (all net of tax), divided by the weighted average number of Ordinary Shares in issue in the period.
  3. Cash generated from operations excludes external transaction costs and (in 2014) pension contributions made from the proceeds of the debt issues.
  4. Non-cash charges resulting from the refinancing in 2014 have led to a reported statutory loss in the comparative period.
  5. Interim dividend represents the interim dividend that was declared and paid in the period out of earnings generated in the same period.
  6. The final dividend in 2015 is the proposed dividend expected to be approved at the annual general meeting on 9 June 2016. The 2014 final dividend declared and paid in 2015.
Revenue (£million) 305.3 268.9 14
Underlying operating profit(a) (£million) 98.7 84.9 16
Underlying profit before tax(a) (£million) 72.2 58.5 23
Underlying earnings per share(b) (pence) 114.8 85.8 34
Cash generated from operations(c) (£million) 125.2 104.4 20
Operating profit (£million) 95.5 82.9 15
(Loss)/Profit before tax(d) (£million) 69.0 (67.7) n/a
Basic earnings per share(d) (pence) 115.2 (104.0) n/a
Interim dividend(e) (pence) 7.14 6.49 10
Final dividend paid in the period(f) (pence) 13.01 11.83 10
Return of Cash (£million) - 64.4 N/A
Deaths 588,000 550,000 7