Taking out a funeral plan is fairly straightforward but there are a number of questions that customers commonly ask. We have answered these below.

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a way to pre-pay funeral costs in advance. It also allows you to help protect your family from the worry and stress of making all the arrangements.

Why should I take out a funeral plan?

Taking out a pre-paid funeral plan allows you to make important decisions about what you and your family want from the funeral. Once it’s paid, we will not request a penny more for the services included in the plan, so you’ll have complete peace of mind, knowing you have financially prepared. Perhaps more importantly though, taking out a funeral plan will help save your loved ones the worry and stress of arranging a funeral at such an emotional time, because the arrangements are taken care of by the Dignity Nominated Funeral Director.

I have savings and life insurance, why do I need a funeral plan?

Savings and life insurance aren’t guaranteed to cover your funeral costs – whereas a pre-paid funeral plan is. And with funeral expenses rising year by year, you may find that savings and life insurance aren’t enough to cover the cost of the funeral. In addition, banks and over 50s life insurance providers will not arrange your funeral, but Dignity will.  However, if you take out a funeral plan, you can freeze funeral costs at today’s prices, so no matter how much they rise, the cost of the cremation funeral services included in the plan will be guaranteed – meaning that loved ones are less likely to have to use any savings or inheritance you may have left them. What’s more, the funeral will be planned and pre-paid, so your loved ones won’t have the added stress of making all of the arrangements at a difficult and emotional time. It’s also worth noting that for inheritance tax planning purposes, the funeral plan sits outside the estate.

What does my Dignity Funeral Plan include?

Dignity's pre-paid funeral plans are designed to provide everything you need for a cremation funeral.

For more information, take a look at Dignity's pre-paid funeral plans - or call us to discuss your options further.

How do I know which Funeral Director will look after the arrangements?

Dignity will appoint a Nominated Funeral Director from their Network of over 1100 owned and approved Funeral Director throughout the UK. If you have a specific Funeral Director in mind and would like to know if they're available through the plan please call us.

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