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We want you to know that all that is available right now, is not all that will be available in the future. We are all having to adapt the way we live and how we do things. But it is just temporary.

It is the same with funerals. In order to support you and your family, we have made some adjustments to our services.

In addition to the services provided in our Full Service Funeral we will now include the following:

  • conducting the service on a weekend, including bank holiday

  • the Wessex urn or grave marker

  • we will organise a memorial service to take place once all restrictions and guidelines have been lifted. This will include:

    • co-ordinating services with external, third party suppliers
    • providing you with a limousine, which can take a route of your choosing
    • our staff to support you on the day.

A dignified funeral now

Whilst the number of people who can attend the funeral at the moment is restricted, it can still be a day of remembrance and reflection and not just for those that are there.

We will still organise a service for you.

The Coffin

The coffin will be transported to the cemetery or crematorium in our hearse, and perhaps we can drive a route that will pass certain households where dear friends may be able to stand outside as we drive by.

Readings, poems and tributes

A short ceremony can take place, including a eulogy, readings, hymns, music or whatever you wish to happen. Where the technology is available, video or audio messages and readings can be played during the funeral service, live streaming can be arranged, and digital recordings of the service taken for viewing later.

Your own personal memorial

At the time of the service – those not able to attend could hold their own personal memorial. This could be as simple as lighting a candle or preparing a meal in honour of the person who has died.

Maybe it’s doing something you or others associated with them, watching their much-loved TV show, reading their favourite material, or sharing the time with other family members and friends over a video call.


A funeral is about remembering the life lived of an individual and that can be done now and in the future. When the social distancing rules will once again allow friends and family to come together, to share their grief and celebration of their loved one.

Our service to you

  • We will organise a memorial service or equivalent. It can be a standalone service, or it can coincide with the scattering or interment of ashes or placement of a physical memorial.

  • It can take place at a location of your choosing, during our normal working hours.

  • Our expert funeral arranger will guide you at every stage to help you create a service unique and personal to the life of your loved one.

    • We will provide personal, face-to-face contact to discuss your individual requirements.

    • We will advise and guide you on all aspects of the service, including liaising with the necessary third parties on your behalf.

    • We will prepare, collect and distribute all the documentation and manage external payments, that are required for the service to proceed at your chosen setting.

  • We will co-ordinate the service, and music for the service, floral tributes, service stationery, newspaper obituary notices, catering and memorial masonry.

  • We will provide a chauffeur driven limousine to collect you from a single location, to drive onwards to the service location.

    Let us know when planning the service if you want to pass significant landmarks and we will plan this into the journey.
What does a funeral director do | Dignity Funerals

Your appointed service director

We will appoint one of our experienced, professional and fully trained funeral personnel to guide and support you through every step.

They will:

  • Ensure that all your requirements are met, confirm that arrangements and instructions are correctly recorded and that any changes noted and acted upon.

  • Prepare the service location.

  • Be present at your side on the day and direct all attendees.

A service later - the memorial service at a time of your choosing

Here’s a summary of the services that we will provide at a later date.

Additional services

Below are just some of the more common additional services requested. We will discuss all options with you, and the associated fees so that you can make an informed decision:

Our urns

Alternative burial, scatter and keepsake urns are available for you to purchase.

Our limousines

We can provide as many additional limousines from our luxury fleet as required to chauffeur mourners in comfort.

Service Stationery

As well as detailing the order of the service, the service stationery can be personalised with photography, words of comfort, a favourite reading or poem perhaps. A personal touching keepsake for others to cherish.

Floral tributes

Tributes signify the love and respect to the deceased. We have many years of organising floral tributes for the families we serve through our established relationships with trusted florists.

Our memorials

We can help you create a fitting monumental tribute for your loved one. We work closely with local crematoria and burial sites to understand the guidelines and restrictions they impose and to help you create a memorial that will be in keeping with their regulations.

There are many traditional and alternative ways you can memorialise ashes. You can choose to scatter or inter the ashes into grave or under a newly planted tree, or a significant location. Take ashes with you on a trip, turn them into jewellery or perhaps a vinyl record.

Charitable donations

Collecting donations may not have been possible at the funeral or you may simply wish to continue fundraising for a charity significant to you. We can organise the secure collection and administration of charitable donations. We will record all payments made and submit them to you chosen charity(ies). 

We provide you with a written confirmation once we have done so, many charities also provide a receipt of the donation made to them.

Limousine | Dignity Funerals

The funeral now and memorial service later is provided as an addition to our Full Service Funeral.

Memorial service costs explained

Upon arranging the service with you the following will be applicable

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