Financial highlights for the year ended 29 December 2017.

Financial highlights 2017 2016 Increase/(decrease) per cent
Revenue (£million) 324.0 313.6 3
Underlying operating profit(a) (£million) 104.6 101.7 3
Underlying profit before tax(a) (£million) 77.8 75.2 3
Underlying earnings per share(b) (pence) 128.3 119.8 7
Cash generated from operations(c) (£million) 115.4 121.1 (5)
Operating profit (£million) 98.0 97.7 -
Profit before tax (£million) 71.2 71.2 -
Basic earnings per share (pence) 115.8 115.3 -
Interim dividend paid in the period(d) (pence) 8.64 7.85 10
Final dividend paid in the period(e) (pence) 15.74 14.31 10
Number of Deaths 590,000 590,000 -

Non-GAAP measures

The Board believes that whilst statutory reporting measures provide a useful indication of the financial performance of the Group, additional insight is gained by excluding certain non-recurring or non-trading transactions. These measures are defined as follows:

(a) Underlying profit is calculated as profit excluding profit (or loss) on sale of fixed assets, acquisition related amortisation and external transaction costs.
(b) Underlying earnings per share is calculated as profit on ordinary activities after taxation, before profit (or loss) on sale of fixed assets, acquisition related amortisation, external transaction costs and exceptional taxation items (all net of tax), divided by the weighted average number of Ordinary Shares in issue in the period.
(c) Cash generated from operations excludes external transaction costs.

The Group's underlying measures of profitability exclude profit (or loss) on sale of fixed assets, external transaction costs, amortisation of acquisition related intangibles and exceptional items in respect of taxation. These items have been adjusted for in determining underlying measures of profitability as these underlying measures are those used in the day to day management of the business and allow for greater comparability across periods.

In 2017, following the commencement of amortisation of acquired intangible trade names and other crematoria related acquired intangibles, acquisition related amortisation of £1.8 million (2016: £nil) has also been excluded in determining underlying profitability measures. Acquisition related amortisation is defined as being the amortisation arising in respect of trade names, use of third party brand names and other crematoria related intangibles.

Other notes

(d) Interim dividend represents the interim dividend that was declared and paid in the period out of earnings generated in the same period.
(e) The final dividend represents the final dividend that was declared and paid in the period relating to the earnings generated in the previous period.