Dignity response to CMA market study interim report


Mike McCollum, Chief Executive, Dignity commented: 

We have written to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) with our response to their interim report on the funeral sector market. In our response, we emphasise our support for a market investigation to help improve standards across the sector and deliver better outcomes for customers. We also explain our desire to work closely with CMA and our hope that they will visit some of our funeral services to see them first-hand. 

Our letter makes four main points:

Competition: The funerals markets is already extremely competitive, however, more can be done to improve the ability of customers to exercise the choice that exists, especially through greater pricing transparency.

Improvements in the sector: We hope that the CMA will take more account of the lower prices and greater transparency that currently exists in the sector, including Dignity's own pricing structure which has already changed significantly over the past year. We believe it is essential the CMA clearly acknowledges the variation in quality among different funeral providers. 

Vulnerable consumers: We are especially keen to work with the CMA to improve the experience of vulnerable customers organising a funeral.

Regulation:  Research indicates that 92% of consumers believe the industry is already regulated, and that many are surprised or worried to find out it is not. We hope that the CMA investigation will examine how regulation can improve standards and transparency in our sector.

Please read our full response here.


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