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The Direct Cremation

Our Direct Cremation service allows you to have a lower cost cremation for your loved one, without a ceremony.

The unattended cremation takes place without mourners at our chosen crematorium, allowing you to have your own remembrance service in a more personal environment, if you so wish. Following the cremation, we will either scatter your loved one's ashes or return them, for you to administer however you see fit.

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Cottingham Direct Cremation Costs

With our professional team of funeral experts on hand to provide guidance at every step, you will never be on your own when it comes to making a decision.

We will talk you through the Direct Cremation, ensuring the arrangements meet with your approval, and work to put everything in place, including the documentation and external payments, allowing the cremation to go ahead. The total estimated cost includes a basic coffin with lining and fittings.

The high standards of care we offer to you is reflected in the care we provide for your loved one, who will be treated with kindness and absolute respect at all times. If you wish to keep or scatter your loved one's ashes, they will be returned to our funeral home for your collection, but if you want us to scatter them, this will be done in the crematorium's gardens of remembrance.

Estimated Cost of Funeral

  • Direct Cremation£975
  • (Includes our Park Coffin and cost of cremation)
  • Total estimated cost excluding optional extras£975

Or find out more about finance options available from Funeral Safe.

Our Price Promise

Our exceptional service for the lowest price within our local community. Guaranteed.

We regularly check our competitors' prices and are confident that we are unbeaten locally. To give you further peace of mind, we also promise to match any local prices you may find after arranging a funeral with us.

Price Promise

Our price promise ensures that we will provide your chosen funeral for the lowest price in our local community.

1. We guarantee to match any funeral quote from another funeral director that is within 5 miles of our location. To make a claim on the price promise we will need to see a genuine price quote, advert, website or other evidence from a funeral director within 5 miles that is dated up to 4 weeks from the date of death

2. The price promise relates to all of the funeral services provided by us and is not applicable to costs charged by a third party as part of the funeral

3. If using a funeral benefit discount, this will be taken off the Dignity price before any comparisons to competitors’ prices are made under the price promise

4. We reserve the right to apply, withdraw, modify or terminate the price promise in whole or in part at any time or for any reason

5. Claiming on the price promise does not change or affect the Terms and Conditions of any products or services that you purchase

The Direct Cremation at a Glance:

  • Our team of funeral professionals will bring your loved one into our care using specialist vehicles and equipment during normal working hours
  • Your loved one will always be treated with the utmost respect and receive continuous attention while in our care, resting in climate controlled mortuary facilities
  • Our funeral arranger will support you, providing face-to-face guidance at every stage of the process and liaising with all third parties on your behalf
  • All necessary documentation will be prepared, collected and distributed by us, and external payments made so the cremation can legally proceed
  • You can visit your loved one, by prior arrangement, in our private chapel of rest during normal working hours
  • A basic coffin with lining and fittings included in the price
  • A specialised funeral vehicle will transport your loved one directly to the crematorium
  • An experienced attendant will supervise the cremation
  • Some Important Things to Consider

    • No alternative coffins are available when you choose a Direct Cremation
    • There is no service or ceremony for mourners to attend
    • Dignity chooses the crematorium and the cremation is unattended

Service Details

Find out more about a Direct Cremation and what it entails:

Our Service

The Direct Cremation

Our Direct Cremation funeral provides a cremation for your loved one, without the attendant service. There are no mourners, hearses or limousines, and no ceremony, allowing you to hold a remembrance or memorial service at a location of your own choosing, if you so wish.

Your loved one will still receive the highest standard of care within our premium facilities, and our professional arranger will be here to support you and ensure everything is in place to allow the Direct Cremation to go ahead. This will take place at a crematorium selected by ourselves, with no family or friends in attendance, and a basic, lined coffin is provided. The ashes can be returned to you or scattered at the crematorium's garden of remembrance.

To arrange a Direct Cremation for your loved one, speak to a funeral professional at our Cottingham funeral home.

Our Park Coffin

Included in the price of the funeral service, your loved one will be laid out in our Park Coffin, which combines quality with a classic, no-frills aesthetic.

Covered in a black oak effect foil veneer, complete with a glossy satin finish, this coffin has a flat lid and matching black plastic handles. The lined interior is fitted with a pillow and white taffeta frill.
Our Range of Urns

Our Range of Urns

From the traditional to the contemporary, through to the eco friendly, the cremation urns within our range provide a decorative and respectful choice for keeping your loved one's ashes safe. Take a look at the urns and scatter tubes we have to offer.

Natural Ashes Containers

Environmentally-friendly ashes containers made to the highest standards from sustainable and biodegradable materials.
Bamboo Ashes Container from our Natural Ashes Containers collection
Bamboo Ashes Container
Woven Willow Ashes Container from our Natural Ashes Containers collection
Willow Ashes Container

Picture Urns

For a more contemporary look, our picture urns can offer a personalised touch, with a range of designs that can be chosen to match the coffin. Printed directly onto the wood for the highest quality finish.
Fishing Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Footballs from our Picture Urns collection
Golf Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Lily Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Manhanttan Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Motorcycle from our Picture Urns collection
Poppy Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Summer Garden Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Summer Garden
Seashore Scene from our Picture Urns collection

Scatter Tubes

Made from 90% recycled materials and available in a range of appealing designs, our scatter tubes are suitable for the use of scattering ashes, burying in the ground, or as a simple keepsake to remember your loved one by.
Scatter Tube Large Options
Scatter Tube Large
Small Scatter Tube Options
Scatter Tube Small

Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket

A selection of traditionally-designed urns and caskets, providing a dignified final resting place for your loved one's ashes.
The Riverside from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Riverside
The Richmond from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Richmond
Aluminium Urn from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
Aluminium Urn
Child's Mahogany from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
Child's Mahogany
Child's White from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
Child's White
The Dorchester from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Dorchester
The Imperial from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Imperial
The Mardale from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Mardale
The Wessex from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Wessex

Additional Services

We are always available to discuss any of the additional services, along with their corresponding fees, that are listed here. You can visit our Cottingham funeral home or, alternatively, call us on
to find out more. It is also possible to add in further options, such as floral tributes and memorials, which you can discuss with our funeral arranger or read more about below.
  • Our Embalming Service£150
  • Our Hearses£169
  • Bringing the person who has died into care outside of normal office hours£195
  • Removal of pacemakerPOA
  • Co-ordination of ancillary services provided by third parties£95
  • Collection and administration of charitable donations£80
  • Delivery of ashes within a 20 mile radius of our premises£50
  • Additional mileage charge for the delivery of ashes beyond a 20 mile radius from our premises£0.50 (per mile)

Optional Costs

Optional extras can be added to make your loved one's funeral even more personal, find out more below:



Although unattended, you might still wish to arrange some flowers for your loved one's Direct Cremation, or perhaps a memorial by which to remember them.

For an additional cost, we can arrange either, so that you have the assurance everything is being taken care of at this difficult time.

The table to the right provides an average cost of what is spent on memorials in the UK. To speak to one of our team about these options, call .

Example of Optional Funeral Costs

*Data based on the SunLife Cost of Dying report 2019

  • Memorial£910


Taking the time to remember your loved one is an important part of the healing process. Many of our families find that a memorial dedicated to their loved one helps to focus their thoughts and bring a degree of comfort at an otherwise difficult time.

We can help you to choose the right funeral memorial for your loved one and arrange to have it made and, where necessary, installed. Options for a memorial to your loved one include:

  • Headstones

  • Cremation memorials

  • Plaques

  • Ashes jewellery

  • Cremation urns

  • Memorial benches

  • Vases

  • Memorial trees

  • Statues

Speak to one of the team at A Shepherd & Sons Funeral Directors about a memorial for your loved one. Call us on

Floral Tributes

Funeral wreaths, coffin sprays and other floral tributes are still a traditional feature at funerals, even though a lot of people now choose to make a charitable donation instead.

A visually arresting way by which you can express your love for the one you have lost, funeral flowers come in a variety of arrangements, such as:

  • Funeral wreaths

  • Floral arrangements

  • Coffin sprays

  • Casket sprays

We are here to help you choose a suitable floral tribute to your loved one. To discuss your options, call our Cottingham funeral home on