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Personalising your Funeral Notice


How to access your Funeral Notice administrator area

Once you have registered you have unlimited access to the Funeral Notice Administration page, simply visit


and enter the username and password you used to register.


Within the Administration area, you can:

Upload a photograph

Change the tribute/obituary message

Choose to hide or show Facebook or Twitter share icons


You will need to contact your Dignity Funeral Director if you wish to amend:

  • The deceased's name or alias

  • Any of the event details including dates, times or venues

  • The selected charity -this can only be changed if no donations have already been made through the Funeral Notice

  • Floral preferences - you can choose to have 'no flowers,' 'family flowers only,' or 'flowers welcome.'



How to upload or change a photograph

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How to change the obituary

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Show or hide social media share options

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