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Burial Funeral Plans

All four of our high quality Prepaid Funeral Plans guarantee to cover funeral director costs, as well as the crematorium fee and ministers fee included in your Plan. However, as burial costs vary significantly across the UK and are beyond our control, Dignity is unable to cover these additional costs.

Instead, our Plans include a generous contribution of £1,220 towards these services which increases each year in line with RPI inflation.

What is the cost of a burial?

In 2017, the average cost of a burial funeral was £4,800, the cost of a burial can be split into two essential parts, these consist of:

  1. The exclusive right of burial (EROB) – this is the physical space itself, often known as the burial plot.
  2. The interment – this fee is for the preparation of the burial plot or grave.

The burial plot, or grave, is a cost which will vary widely throughout the UK, as it is set by the council. Similar to property prices, it will depend on where in the country you choose to be buried.

The 2017 Fairer Finance Research Report found that one of the largest differentials in price for burial funerals is the cost of a burial plot. This can range from as little as £280 to upwards of £5000.

You may also need to consider maintenance and monument fees when opting for a burial. Councils often charge maintenance fees, covering tasks such as grass cutting and insurance for the burial plot. However, family members will often be responsible for maintaining gravestones and memorial plots.

Who is responsible for burial costs?

Dignity’s generous contribution of £1,220 towards burial costs will help protect your loved ones from a lot of stress and financial worry in the future.

If the burial services required at the time of need were to cost more than the contribution in the Plan, then the difference would need to be paid for at the time of the funeral. If, however, there is any of the contribution remaining after all burial fees have been paid, we will refund the difference.

Does life insurance cover burial costs?

The purpose of life insurance is to protect your loved ones in the event of your death. The lump sum your family receives from an insurance policy could pay towards your funeral or cover some of the associated burial costs but none of this is guaranteed.

Burial plots

The cost of burial plots throughout the country varies from hundreds to thousands of pounds, with London, unsurprisingly, being one of the most expensive areas. Many burial plots can accommodate two or even three coffins, so it’s worth thinking about your requirements beforehand as joint burial plots can ultimately save you and your family money.

Residents of an area can get a 50% discount on the cost of burial – but this depends on when the plot is bought and by whom. If someone is buying it on behalf of someone else, the discount may not apply – depending on the authority.

Should you already have a plot or grave, you can let us know and your Dignity Nominated Funeral Director will then make the necessary arrangements at the time of need. Services such as opening and re-closing an existing grave will come under the contribution allowance included in your Plan.

If you don’t already have a burial plot, it is recommended that you purchase one in advance if you have a specific cemetery in mind, and pre-buying of plots is permitted. If you are not able to buy a plot now, this can be organised at a later date. The contribution within the Funeral Plan will be set against the plot fee as well as other burial services required at the time of need. We cannot guarantee that this contribution will covert the full cost of a burial funeral when the time comes.

Cost of Burial vs. Cremation

Making the choice between burial and cremation is something all of us will experience in our lives, whether it’s for ourselves or a loved one. For some, the choice will be dictated by religious beliefs or family tradition, making for a simpler decision. But for those who are unsure which to opt for, the difference in cost could ultimately be the deciding factor.

Typically, the cost of cremation is significantly less than the cost of burial, primarily because of the additional plot charges which must be covered when opting for a burial. All of Dignity’s Prepaid Funeral Plans guarantee that the cremation costs included in the Plan will be covered. If you do wish to be buried, our £1,220 contribution towards burial costs should ease the burden of having to cover any additional costs when the time comes.

Cemetery costs

It is not uncommon for different cemeteries around the UK to be owned by a host of different entities, these can include:

  • District councils
  • Borough councils
  • Parish councils
  • Churches
  • Private companies

As a result, the cost can vary greatly depending on the type and location of the cemetery chosen. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Enniskillen in Northen Ireland is the least expensive place to be buried in the UK. Owned by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, the EROB is £143 and interment is £118.
  • Contrastingly, Norwich City Council owns two cemeteries and charges £1,948 for EROB and £1,362 for interment.

Not all cemeteries allow pre-purchasing of plots for burial so, subject to availability, the plot will need to be purchased at the time of need. To buy a plot, you should contact your local council or place of worship for details.

Help with burial costs

All of Dignity’s Prepaid Funeral Plans include a burial option, should you require it. The Prepaid Funeral Plan from Dignity currently provides one of the largest contributions towards burial costs available on the market. The contribution also increases each year in line with RPI.

For more information about a burial funeral plan, please contact us on 0800 033 4744 or request your free guide.

All figures and statistics are provided courtesy of Matter Communications.

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