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Funeral Plans are only available for people aged 50 or over.

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The Diamond Funeral Plan includes the fees of one of Dignity's owned or approved Nominated Funeral Directors for arranging and conducting the funeral. For a cremation, the plan guarantees to cover the crematorium and Minister or Officiant’s fees included in the plan. If a burial is required, the crematorium fee is not needed and a contribution of £1,220 (rising with inflation in line with the Retail Price Index) will be made towards burial fees such as Minister’s and plot fees. A burial cannot be guaranteed in the same way as a cremation because burial costs vary widely across the country.

By taking out the Diamond plan you'll receive peace of mind that the services included in the plan are guaranteed to be covered whenever in the future the Plan is needed, so loved ones won't have the worry of finding the money for them or deciding on the most appropriate arrangements.

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Key Benefits

  • Guarantees the services included in the plan
  • Choice of cremation or burial
  • High quality wood veneer coffin
  • Hearse & two limousines

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