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At Dignity, we aim to make planning and pre-paying for funerals as easy and stress-free as possible. So we’ve made every effort to make this website accessible for everyone. It meets the World Wide Web Consortiums (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG), and we’ll strive to maintain this high standard.

Access keys

Access keys are shortcuts that allow you to move through the site quickly and easily. They’re built into the Dignity Funeral Plans website, so if you’d like to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, you can.

Dignity Funeral Plans access keys:

  • Skip to content – S
  • Homepage – H
  • Accessibility – K
  • Why Funeral Plans? – 1
  • Our plans – 2
  • About us – 3
  • Buy Online – 4
  • FAQs – 5
  • Contact us – 6
  • Request a brochure – 7
  • News – 8
  • Site map – A
  • Website Terms and Conditions – B
  • Privacy Policy – C

To use access keys on a PC:

Internet Explorer

Hold down the ALT key
Press the relevant key
Release both keys together
Press enter


Hold down the SHIFT + ALT keys together
Press the relevant key

To use the access keys on a Mac:


Hold down the CTRL + ALT keys together
Press the relevant key


Hold down the CTRL key
Press the relevant key

Tab keys

You can use the tab key to select links on the Dignity Funeral Plans website. Simply press the tab button to move through the links on the page. You’ll notice a thin line around selected links – just press enter to go to the link destination.

Font sizes

You can change the font size within this website by clicking on the options at the top of every page. Alternatively, you can do this in Internet Explorer by clicking View, then Text Size and finally, by selecting your preferred size.

Style sheets

You can use your own style sheets on the Dignity Funeral Plans website. In Internet Explorer, select Tools, followed by Internet Options and Accessibility. You’ll have three options, so simply tick the relevant box to ignore:

  • Colours
  • Font styles
  • Font sizes

You can also change your style sheet in this screen. To do so, click the box that says ‘Format documents using my style sheet’, then browse to your style sheet and click ok.

More ways to improve accessibility

The features above will help you to use our website only. If you’d like to make changes that will apply to every website you visit, you can find instructions on the BBC’s My Web, My Way website.