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How much do funerals really cost?

Did you know the average cost of a funeral is £8,126^? A big portion of these costs come from the essential elements needed for a funeral: funeral director services, cremation or burial fees as well as third party costs such as Minister and Officiant’s fees.

But what about the rest? There are the funeral-related 'extras' which we have illustrated. They include things like a memorial, flowers and wake. In 2015, the average amount spent on these additional ‘extras’ was £2,000^. This is a 9.1% increase on 2014 and an astonishing 15% increase over the past five years^. Unfortunately, the costs don't always stop there either. Using professionals like a solicitor to administer the estate can add an average of around £2,400^ to the cost.  

How much do funerals really cost?
How much do funerals really cost?

Many of these costs are likely to be paid for by the family because they are unaware of a loved one's personal wishes. Research has shown that just 1% of people knew all of the deceased funeral wishes; meaning 99% of funerals may not be as the deceased would have wished^ and therefore money could have been spent unnecessarily.

Funeral Planning in Advance

A Prepaid Funeral Plan from Dignity is a financially and savvy way to take care of funeral costs in advance by securing the cost of the services included in the plan, the ‘essential costs’ at today’s price and paying for them in advance. In doing so, you could help your loved ones avoid paying for any funeral-related extras they think you might have wanted. When the time comes, your family won’t have to second guess what type of service you want, as the Prepaid Funeral Plan allows you to add your personal wishes into it, such as flowers, choice of hymns or readings. You can make these requests at any time and you even have the option of making payments towards these personal wishes. Any contributions you make will increase inline with RPI each year, minimising the cost loved ones will have to pay in the future.

Don’t be put off by the cost of funerals as there is something you can do now to protect your loved ones from paying unnecessary costs and make sure your wishes are known. Visit our funeral plans page to find out more.

^SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2015