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One Limousine or Two?

In a world where everyone around us seems perfectly happy to share their feelings and opinions over social media, on almost every subject under the sun, it’s a strange fact that talking about dying is one subject that often isn’t discussed publicly.

Have the conversation today
Have the conversation today

It’s an even stranger fact that we don’t talk about dying, when it’s a fact of life that will happen to each and every one of us, one day.

The Conversation

But avoiding the “death conversation” only makes it harder for those left behind. The charity Dying Matters sets out to breakdown barriers when it comes to talking about dying, death and bereavement. Their recent research found that only 30% of people had planned about funeral wishes, and their recent Awareness Week in May was themed “The Big Conversation”.

And Dignity, one of the UK’s leading providers of funeral plans, agree. Funerals aren’t a subject of conversation that should be avoided. Talking about your funeral wishes in advance really can make a difficult time a little easier for loved ones. But sometimes its family members themselves who don’t want to have these conversations. They don’t want to think about a time when their loved ones are no longer around, and bury their head in the sand. But in reality, this is just storing up the problem for a later day.

But talking about the facts rationally can often help loved ones open up to the conversation. For example, funeral costs have been increasing at an average of 6.33% since 2007, a rate higher than most people’s savings. So ignoring the conversation now, could mean that loved ones have to find a large amount of money to cover the cost of the funeral when the time comes.

But there is a way to protect against rising funeral costs. A funeral plan is a way to pay in advance and fix the cost of the funeral director and cremation costs in the plan at today’s prices. So regardless of how much funeral costs may increase in the future, there will be no more to pay for the services in the plan.

Funeral Arrangements

A funeral plan also lets you take care of the arrangements in advance too, so it’s an opportunity to discuss with loved ones your wishes for how you would like your funeral to be. Dignity offer a choice of three plans to choose from and each one allows you to document your wishes, from simple choices of hymns and readings to more elaborate celebrations. A plan ensures your loved ones know exactly what you want. And you can add to or change your wishes at any time, and as many times as you wish for no charge.*

It’s easier to put off the conversation about your funeral arrangements than it is to have it but making arrangements in advance can bring real peace of mind and protect your family from stress, which makes having the conversation with loved ones now worth while. 

*Some special requests like flowers, memorials or a wake for example are not included in the price guarantee and will incur additional costs