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What Will You Leave Behind?

Throughout October a number of charities, including Age UK, the Stroke Association, and Diabetes UK provide the opportunity to have a simple Will written free of charge as part of Free Wills Month. The offer is extended to anyone over the age of 55 using participating solicitors in England, Wales and Scotland.

Following Free Wills Month, throughout November, Will Aid run a similar campaign; instead of paying a fee to your solicitor, you are invited to make a small donation to a Will Aid charity such as the NSPCC or British Red Cross.

Planning for later life
Planning for later life

According to Will Aid, as of last year 27 million adults in the UK didn’t have a will, that’s over half the estimated adult population. Most importantly, 44% of people who are married or in a civil partnership had not made a Will.

In 2014 RIAS conducted further research to find that approximately 35% of those aged over 50, had no Will.

Protect Your Family

One of the most important things you can do for your family to ensure they are provided for after you’ve gone is to create a Will. Many people continue to put the task off and leave it until later in life, or they believe they don’t require a Will as they are unmarried (there is nothing within current laws that gives automatic rights to ‘common law’ partners).

The reality is, planning for the future can never be done soon enough, and this includes planning for when you are no longer around.

Make Plans and Forget

Once your financial and guardianship arrangements are covered, its worthwhile thinking about a funeral plan. A funeral plan is a better way of ensuring that your family know your funeral wishes – as a Will is often not read until after the funeral, so any funeral instructions could go unknown. It also means that as the funeral costs are paid for in advance, loved ones don’t have to wait for funds to be released from the sale of property for example.

Many people like the idea of a funeral plan, as once it is purchased, you can forget about it – safe in the knowledge that when needed, the plan can be activated and carried out exactly how you arranged it.

Why Dignity?

A Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan guarantees to cover the cost of your funeral ,so, when the time comes there will be no more to pay for the services included in the plan, however much funeral costs may increase in the future. Our plans also offer you the flexibility, so if you move anywhere in the UK, your funeral plan moves with you. A trusted and professional Dignity Funeral Director will provide all the services guaranteed by your plan, at no extra cost.

To find out more, request your free brochure today, if you purchase before the 19th of December you’ll also take advantage of our £150 discount which applies to all plans and payment methods.