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See how fixing the cost of your funeral today can save you money...

Funeral costs are rising faster than most savings and are even outstripping the rate of inflation. Will your financial provisions be enough to cover future funeral costs?

Our interactive tool helps you understand the financial benefits of paying funeral costs in advance with a Prepaid Funeral Plan.

Answer just a few simple questions, to get a personalised summary.  This will help you to understand whether the provision you’re making today will be enough to protect your loved ones from rising costs of funerals.

Discover how you can protect yourself and your family against rising funeral costs.

1 Life expectancy calculator

Of course, no one knows, but you can predict. What will your life expectancy be? How long will you have to save for you funeral? Find out here.


2 Effects of inflation

How much will inflation affect the cost of everyday items in the future? How much will your savings be worth? And how much will you have to pay for a funeral? Find out here.


3 Rising funeral costs

How much is a funeral likely to cost in the future? Will it follow the rate of inflation? Find out here.


4 Funeral costs

Will your savings or investments grow enough to cover funeral costs? Are they the best way to cover these costs? Find out here.


5 Prepaid funeral plan savings

Fixing the cost of a funeral at today’s prices could save you money. How much could you save? Find out here.


What should I consider when looking at funeral costs?

The average cost of a funeral in 2017 was £4,086, a cost that has more than doubled since 2000[1]. As funeral costs are predicted to continue increasing it’s important that you have plans in place to ensure your family don’t have to worry about paying for your funeral when the time comes.

A funeral has many essential elements: the services of a funeral director, transportation to the funeral director’s premises, a coffin, a hearse, and fees for either a cremation or burial.

Then there are extra costs which can be hard to plan for in advance. A large family or group of mourners might need more than one limousine, for example.

When you also include legal fees, and costs for things such as the wake and memorials, the total cost of a funeral can be quite a considerable sum.

How a Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan can help with funeral costs?

When the time comes, you'll want to make sure things are as straightforward and easy as possible for your loved ones.

By taking out a Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan, you can pay for and take care of your funeral arrangements in advance so loved ones do not have to worry about finding funds when the time comes. It can also save money, by fixing funeral costs at today’s prices. A Plan from Dignity guarantees to cover the cost of the funeral director services and cremation fees. This provides peace of mind, as no matter how much these funeral costs increase in the future, there will be no more to pay for the services in the plan.   

There are three plans to choose from, and flexible payment options to suit your budget.


  1. 2000 - 2006 (Mintel: Funerals - UK - January 2007) | 2007 - 2010 (calculated using average annual compounded increase of 6.33% per year) |  2011-2016 (Average Funeral Costs research carried out by Matter Communications)

Why Choose Dignity?

Dignity is the UK’s leading provider of prearranged funerals. Since we introduced the first funeral plan into the UK in 1985, more than 740,000 people have made provision for their funeral costs in advance with Dignity.

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Compare Dignity's Prepaid Funeral Plans

Compare Dignity’s Defaqto rated Prepaid Funeral Plans. All our Plans guarantee the Funeral Director services for a cremation or burial funeral.

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