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Will life expectancy continue to rise?

Having a rough idea of how long you can expect to live makes it easier to plan for the future. Knowing that your funeral costs are taken care of makes it easier to budget for the years ahead, allowing you to enjoy life in your later years. 

Use our calculator below to find out your life expectancy.

Use our life expectancy calculator to find out how long you could live



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Now you know your life expectancy, see what impact inflation is likely to have on your future spending and saving.

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Will life expectancy continue to rise?

We’re all living longer. Today, the average life expectancy for UK residents is 81 years[1] – that’s a whole decade longer than in the 1960s. Much can be put down to a better diet, fewer smokers, an increase in health awareness and a wish to live a healthier lifestyle.

In developed countries, life expectancy has risen from 45 years in 1840 to 85 years in the second decade of this century. This trend is continuing and there is little evidence to suggest that it is going to slow down.[2]

How will living longer affect me?

So, we’re all living a longer life. Three months extra per year, every year, since 1840[3]. We’re also catching up with countries that currently boast the lowest mortality rates, namely Japan, Sweden and Qatar. Indeed, the gap between the UK and these countries has closed to only 2 years[4].

While we can’t all expect to live as long as the world’s oldest person (who, at the time of writing is Violet Brown from Jamaica, born in 1900) but it is estimated that around 12,000 people in the UK are aged over 100. This is likely to increase to 40,000 by 2031[5].

This increase will have a significant impact on how people plan their future. As funeral costs are forecast to continue increasing, being able to fix these costs at today’s prices puts you in control and makes it easier to plan for the expenses you’ll meet later. It also helps to enable you to enjoy the funds you have in your later (and hopefully longer) life.


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