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Funeral costs are rising, but how fast?

You might be surprised at the average cost of a funeral today, but the cost you or your family may have to pay in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time is likely to be significantly more.

The fact is, funeral costs have risen almost in line with house prices in recent years, and are almost double the rise in the rate of inflation.[1]

So fixing funeral costs now, at today’s prices, makes a lot of sense. Because even if your investments do keep up with inflation (and many don’t), the cost of your funeral is highly likely to outstrip it.

How much do you think a funeral costs today and will cost in the years to come? Use our funeral cost calculator to make a prediction.

Use our calculator to predict the rise in funeral costs
Use our calculator to predict the rise in funeral costs

The cost of a funeral Today

You thought it cost
Actual average cost
Today, funerals cost this much more than you thought:
of customers underestimated this cost too!

The cost of a funeral in 2024

You thought it will cost
Expected cost
In 2024, funerals are expected to cost this much more than you thought:
84% of customers underestimated this cost too!

Now you’ve seen that funeral costs are predicted to rise at a much faster rate than inflation, find out the best way to protect against this.

Find out if your savings will cover your funeral costs

Why are funeral costs rising so much faster than inflation?

There are many factors that are driving rising funeral costs. Inflation is only one. Depending on the area of the UK in which you live, average funeral costs can also vary significantly.

But wherever you are, the factors affecting the rise in costs are the same: increasing funeral director costs, rising fuel costs and ministers' and officiants' fees. Non-essential funeral costs, such as flowers, printing orders of service, headstones and so on, are also rising.

In addition, UK residents planning for the future are hampered by a dwindling supply of burial and cremation plots [2], which will continue to drive the average cost of a funeral up beyond the average rate of inflation.

Therefore, you can see a widening gap between the cost of living and the estimated average cost of a funeral in the UK.

A Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan freezes funeral costs at today’s rates

Wherever you are in the UK, a Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan can help protect against rising funeral costs. The Plan fixes the cost of the funeral services included at today’s prices, regardless of how much they might increase in the future, there won’t be another penny to pay.

We believe we provide the best prepaid funeral plan in the UK: more people have chosen to plan their funeral in advance with Dignity than with any other provider since we introduced the first funeral plan into the UK in 1985.

There are three funeral plans to choose from designed to meet differing levels of need and budget. All plans help to remove the burden of cost and organisation from your loved ones in their time of sorrow. Plans can be purchased outright with a lump sum, or paid for in monthly installments, allowing you to plan and pay for the funeral you and your loved ones would wish for in the way that’s most convenient for you.


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  2. BBC News: Burial space in England 'could run out in 20 years' (September 27, 2013)


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