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The Trust Fund, Your Money is Protected

Once you've paid for your Funeral Plan, it can, in most cases, be many years before it’s actually used.  So as added security all the money you pay for your Plan is placed into a secure Trust Fund that is completely independent of Dignity, and no matter what happens; your money will be protected.

Why a Trust Fund?

The Funeral Planning Authority, which is the professional body that oversee the operation of registered funeral plan companies, stipulate that for customer protection, it requires that the provider either places the customer’s money into an independently managed trust fund or into a whole of life insurance policy. At Dignity, we choose to pay our customers’ money into the National Funeral Trust.

The National Funeral Trust for Prepaid Funeral Plans from Dignity

The independent National Funeral Trust Fund was set up in 1986 to protect both our customers and our funeral directors. It’s a completely separate legal entity and its assets are independent of Dignity and all its funeral directors. It’s there, so that even in the unlikely event of Dignity going out of business, your money will still be protected.

Independently managed and audited

The Trust Fund is carefully invested and managed by some of the most respected financial firms in the UK – to ensure that no matter what, there are sufficient funds within the Trust Fund to honour our promise to our Planholders.

To give you complete confidence in our funeral plans, we have the Trust Fund actuarially valued and audited annually by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst Young. Dignity Publish an Annual Trust Fund Report every year, a copy of which is available on request. You can request a copy by calling 0800 587 2541 or simply download a copy.

Additionally the Royal Exchange Trust Company oversees the Trust’s bank account in their role as legal Custodian Trustee, with some activities carried out by Link Corporate Trustees (UK) Limited.

So you see, the Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan continues to be one of the most financially secure funeral plans available in the UK today.

For more information request your free guide today or call 0800 587 2541 to speak to our award winning client service centre.