Our Local Simple Funeral

Our Local Simple Funeral offers our usual high standards of funeral care and a dignified send off, with a fixed range of options for you to choose from.

Whether you want a burial or a cremation for your loved one, Our Local Simple Funeral allows you to say your final goodbye in the way you choose. Giving you the option of a service at the place of committal, Our Local Simple Funeral is a suitable choice if you are able to be a little flexible when it comes to choosing the date, time and any additional extras for your loved one's farewell.

Our Local Simple Funeral

Our Service to You

Your dedicated and expert funeral arranger will support and guide you at every stage to help you create a funeral unique and personal to the life of your loved one.

We will complete the arrangements with you, wherever and whenever you wish. Whether that’s at our premises, your home or over the phone.

We will advise and guide you on all aspects of the funeral, including liaising with the necessary third parties on your behalf.

We will prepare and distribute all the documentation and manage external payments that are required for the funeral to legally proceed at the selected setting.

We will provide a complimentary online Funeral Notice: a personalised webpage that provides all the essential details of the funeral in one convenient place for you to share and keep family and friends informed.

We will remain available for aftercare, advice, guidance, and additional services as required, including access to Dignity Legal Services (except in Scotland, Jersey and Northern Ireland).

Estimated Funeral Cost

Cost for cremation only. For information on burials, please call us.

  • Basingstoke Package£1995
  • (Includes our Park Coffin)£-
  • Plus estimated third party costs for cost of cremation with doctor's fees and attendance of a celebrant or minister£1529
  • Total estimated cost excluding optional extras£3524

Our Local Simple Funeral at a Glance:

  • A choice of cremation or burial with an optional service (for an additional fee) at the place of committal at a mutually agreed time and date
  • A suitable option if you have some flexibility when it comes to the date, time and selecting additional services
  • Your loved one will be brought into our care by our highly-trained and professional team, using specialist vehicles and equipment
  • Personal, face-to-face guidance at every stage of the arrangement process
  • A complimentary online Funeral Notice, informing friends and family of the service and commemorating the life of your loved one
  • Price includes a basic coffin, with lining and fittings
  • We will liaise with all the necessary third parties on your behalf
  • An appointed funeral expert will provide support throughout, directing and ensuring the funeral runs smoothly on the day
  • Some important things to consider

    • The procession begins at our funeral home and travels directly to the place of committal
    • There is no option for an alternative service venue
    • Your choices for the date and time of the funeral may be limited
    • Personalisation is also limited compared to The Attended Funeral

Our Hearses

As the vehicle that will bear your loved one to their final resting place, the hearse is the focal point of the funeral cortege. For that reason alone, we ensure that our hearses run smoothly and are of the highest standard in appearance.

We will provide one of our chauffeur-driven hearses to carry the coffin to the funeral service, crematorium or place of committal. Depending upon the type of service you choose, we can personalise the route of this final journey to take in locations that, during life, may have had a specific meaning to your loved one.

A motorised hearse is included in the price of the funeral, but we also have the capacity, at an additional cost, to offer horse-drawn hearses, along with a range of alternative carriages. Popular choices include campervans, motorcycles and fire engines. To find out more, speak to one of the team at .

Our Limousines

We have a fleet of funeral limousines available for use by you and your immediate family, and, if desired, extended family and friends. Built to the highest specifications and professionally maintained to ensure continual service, our chauffer-driven limousines provide a comfortable and dignified method by which to travel to your loved one's funeral.

Dependent upon the style of vehicle, our funeral cars are usually capable of carrying a maximum of between seven and nine mourners. It is traditional for immediate family to take the first and, if necessary, second limousine, with other family and friends using any additional cars or following on in their own vehicles.

To find out more about our funeral limousines, speak to one of the team at our funeral home today.
Our Range of Urns

Our Range of Urns

From the traditional to the contemporary, through to the eco friendly, the cremation urns within our range provide a decorative and respectful choice for keeping your loved one's ashes safe. Take a look at the urns and scatter tubes we have to offer.

Natural Ashes Containers

Environmentally-friendly ashes containers made to the highest standards from sustainable and biodegradable materials.
Bamboo Ashes Container from our Natural Ashes Containers collection
Bamboo Ashes Container
Woven Willow Ashes Container from our Natural Ashes Containers collection
Willow Ashes Container

Picture Urns

For a more contemporary look, our picture urns can offer a personalised touch, with a range of designs that can be chosen to match the coffin. Printed directly onto the wood for the highest quality finish.
Fishing Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Footballs from our Picture Urns collection
Golf Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Lily Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Manhanttan Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Motorcycle from our Picture Urns collection
Poppy Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Summer Garden Scene from our Picture Urns collection
Summer Garden
Seashore Scene from our Picture Urns collection

Scatter Tubes

Made from 90% recycled materials and available in a range of appealing designs, our scatter tubes are suitable for the use of scattering ashes, burying in the ground, or as a simple keepsake to remember your loved one by.
Scatter Tube Large Options
Scatter Tube Large
Small Scatter Tube Options
Scatter Tube Small

Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket

A selection of traditionally-designed urns and caskets, providing a dignified final resting place for your loved one's ashes.
The Riverside from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Riverside
The Richmond from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Richmond
Aluminium Urn from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
Aluminium Urn
Child's Mahogany from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
Child's Mahogany
Child's White from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
Child's White
The Dorchester from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Dorchester
The Mardale from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Mardale
The Wessex from our Traditional Urns and Ashes Casket collection
The Wessex

Additional Services

We are always available to discuss any of the additional services, along with their corresponding fees, that are listed here. You can visit our funeral home or, alternatively, call us on to find out more. It is also possible to add in further options, such as floral tributes and memorials, which you can discuss with our funeral arranger or read more about below.

Essential Third Party Costs

Additional costs need to be paid to various third parties in order for Our Local Simple Funeral to take place. Find out what these are and why they are necessary:



We will help you create a dignified and personalised funeral.

Although our prices include all that we do to ensure you and your loved one receive the greatest of care, there are also third party costs, which are supplementary to the overall price.

Known as disbursements, these may include fees that are payable to the crematorium, the doctor and to the minister or celebrant. The payment of these external costs will be managed by us, along with the coordination of all the documents required to legally allow your loved one's funeral to proceed. Details of the third party costs are included upon your invoice.

Select a tab to find out more about some common disbursements. For information regarding the third party costs for a burial, call us on .

Example Third Party Costs

  • Cremation£1230
  • Doctor's Fees£82
  • Minister or Celebrant£217
  • Total essential third party costs£1529

Doctor's Fees

In the majority of cases, for a cremation to go ahead, it is necessary to obtain a certificate, signed by a doctor and confirming the cause of death. The doctors will charge a fee for this service, totalling £82 for the certificate.

There are occasions when the certificate is not needed, for instance if a coroner has reviewed the circumstances of your loved one's passing, but most of the time they are a legal requirement.

Although the doctor's fees are not included in the price, we will arrange for the payment of this third party cost, along with ensuring the documentation is present and correct, as part of our service to you.

Minister or Celebrant

The cremation service will usually be taken by a funeral celebrant or a minister. They will address the congregation and, if requested, provide a eulogy to your loved one. Costs can vary, but as a reference we have listed the fee for a Church of England minister, which is £199.

We can offer guidance on choosing a suitable minister or celebrant to preside over your loved one's funeral service, but you are equally welcome to use somebody you already have a preference for.

Popular choices to lead a cremation service are:

  • Religious leaders

  • Civil celebrants

  • Humanist celebrants

  • Friends or members of the family