Why not talking about death is leaving us worse off
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Why not talking about death is leaving us worse off

The topic of death is a bit of a taboo subject. Where cultural traditions are strong, people don’t worry about their funeral as they know that custom will see things are sorted – nearest and dearest will know what to do. Where traditions are absent however, people don’t always have the same assurances. But as one of life’s inevitable events, taking the time now to put provisions in place for your funeral in advance could save you and your loved ones money and reduce the worry and stress in later years.

Not talking about death
Not talking about death

Did you know the average cost of a funeral has gone up by over £1,400 in the last seven years*, and is likely to increase to more than £6,100 by 2023.** However, by making provision today with a Prepaid Funeral Plan, from Dignity, you can put a stop to rising costs.

Freeze The Costs with Dignity

Your Funeral Plan will protect the services included in the plan from any further increase, regardless of how much prices rise, or how far into the future they’re needed. When Dignity launched the UK’s first funeral plan over 30 years ago, the very first few members paid just £384 for their plans. Some are still alive today, and so their foresight has saved their loved ones at least £3,151 compared to average funeral costs in 2016† - a significant amount of money.

Putting a pre arranged funeral plan in place not only means you’re in control of the costs and saving money, but also means the necessary arrangements are put in place. It lets you detail all of your personal wishes, if you have a preferred hymn or reading for example. You won’t need to worry about having awkward discussions with your loved ones now.

Once you have taken out a Prepaid Funeral Plan with Dignity, you will receive all of the details in an information pack. A duplicate copy called a Funeral Organiser pack for your family member (nominated Funeral Organiser) is also provided. It details everything in your Plan and tells them what to do when the time comes. When your Plan is needed, your nominated Funeral Organiser just needs to make one phone call to put the plan in motion and the Dignity Nominated Funeral Director will give them support and guidance, putting your loved ones minds at rest that everything is being taken care of as you wanted.

Visit our Compare our Funeral Plans page for further details and how you can request your information pack today.

*Matter research 2015. Average funeral cost of £3,737 minus average funeral cost of £2,288 in 2007

**Forecast based on compounded growth rate of 6.33% each year between 2007 & 2015 

†Savings based on Dignity funeral plan purchased in 1985 for £384 compared to Dignity Pearl Funeral Plan currently priced at £3,885 until 30 November 2016