Directors' interests in ordinary shares of the Company

Dignity plc announces that on 8 April the Trustees of its Long Term Incentive Plan ("LTIP") made a release of ordinary shares of 10.5 pence each to the Directors below in accordance with the Company’s Long Term Incentive Plan.  The shares released were those awarded on 19 March 2010 and meet the performance criteria as disclosed.

The Directors elected to sell some or all of the shares so released, in the market subsequently at an aggregate price of 1321p per share and the resultant shareholdings are shown.  The table below sets out the details:

DirectorShares ReleasedShares SoldRemaining Options under the LTIPResultant Shareholding
Mike McCollum 82,011 82,011 208,492 270,000
Andrew Davies  46,597 46,597 118,418 161,250
Richard Portman 37,278 34,060 96,022 110,000
Steve Whittern 27,958 15,684 98,808 23,011


Richard Portman, Corporate Services Director and Company Secretary, 0121-321-5602

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