Result of General Meeting

The Company is pleased to announce that all of the resolutions proposed at the General Meeting held earlier today, were duly passed on a show of hands.

Shareholders have accordingly approved the Return of Cash to Shareholders of £1.08 per Existing Ordinary Share by way of one B Share or C Share for each Existing Ordinary Share and a 13 for 14 Share Capital Consolidation, as set out in the Circular to Shareholders dated 23 July 2013.

Application has been made to the London Stock Exchange and the UK Listing Authority for the admission to the Official List, and to trading on the London Stock Exchange's market for listed securities, of 53,201,890 Shares of 114/13 pence each. It is expected that these shares will be admitted to the Official List and that dealings in the New Ordinary Shares will commence on London Stock Exchange's market for listed securities at 8.00am on 12 August 2013.

For information, the proxy votes cast in respect of the resolutions were as follows:

Resolution (no. as noted on the Form of Proxy form)Votes ForVotes AgainstVotes marked as Votes Withheld/ AbstentionsPoll Yes/No
1. To approve and adopt new articles of association (containing the rights to be attached to the B Shares, C Shares and Deferred Shares) and approve the proposed purchase of the Deferred Shares. 46,775,826 185,293 149,137 No
2. To approve the Return of Cash and related matters (including authorising the directors to allot B Shares and C Shares). 46,767,423 194,517 148,316 No
3. To approve the consolidation and sub-division of the Existing Ordinary Shares into New Ordinary Shares. 46,776,827 185,208 148,221 No
4. To approve the Buyback Contract. 46,774,798 186,454 149,004 No
5. To approve and adopt new articles of association to take effect 1 January 2014. 46,775,521 185,651 149,084 No


  1. (i) The "Votes for" figures include those votes giving the Chairman discretion on casting the votes.
  2. (ii) A "Vote Withheld" is not a vote in law and is not counted in the total number of votes cast on a resolution.

Copies of the document setting out the resolutions passed by the Company at the General Meeting have been submitted to the National Storage Mechanism and will shortly be available for inspection at www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/NSM

All defined terms used in this announcement shall have the same meaning as in the Circular issued to Shareholders dated 23 July 2013.

For more information:

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Richard Oldworth
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