Tilehurst Funeral Notices

Let Cyril H Lovegrove Funeral Directors in Tilehurst help you keep guests informed of funeral or wake arrangements with a personalised Funeral Notice.
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Keep well-wishers informed at no extra cost with an online Funeral Notice

As part of the service we offer here at Cyril H Lovegrove Funeral Directors, we provide a complimentary Funeral Notice for your loved one - a dedicated webpage to help you advise family and friends of funeral or wake arrangements.

A Funeral Notice is a webpage about your loved one’s funeral. As well as detailing the arrangements, it provides a space to pay tribute to the person who has passed away with a treasured photo and an area to share personal thoughts and memories. As part of our commitment to supporting you at every step, the page will also manage donations to a chosen charity and advise guests on how to send flowers, in accordance with your wishes.

Whichever type of funeral service you choose, a Funeral Notice can save you time and is a simple and respectful way of letting your family and friends know about the arrangements.

A Funeral Notice from Cyril H Lovegrove will:

  • Provide full details of your loved one’s funeral and/or wake arrangements
  • Allow well-wishes to plan ahead
  • Quickly notify guests if funeral arrangements should change in any way
  • Collect and process charitable donations online
  • Inform well-wishers of how they can send flowers or other tributes
  • Display a favourite photograph of your loved one
  • Give you space to write a personal goodbye or tribute to your loved one
Below are some recent Funeral Notices from Cyril H Lovegrove Funeral Directors. If you would like one created for your loved one, please call
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Tilehurst Funeral Notices

Here are the most recent Funeral Notices for Cyril H Lovegrove Funeral Directors in Tilehurst, Reading.