Funeral Services

Dignity is committed to delivering a high quality service to its clients, yet there may be occasions where a client may not be happy with the service they have received.

Our policy is to ensure that any complaint is treated fairly and sympathetically. We try to resolve these matters at a local level, quickly, with intervention of local management if required and would urge any client who is not satisfied, to raise any issues with the branch manager.

Sometimes the client may feel more comfortable discussing their complaint with a person not directly attached to the branch office, so we also provide a means to do this.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, it is important that you make us aware as soon as possible. An appropriate Manager or Customer Service Officer will be designated to handle the complaint and you will be advised of this person’s name. Whenever possible, the designated person will not have been directly involved in the situation which triggered the complaint. This designated person may contact you to find out more about the complaint and clarify any point which may not be clear.

If the complaint can be resolved by close of business the next working day, a final response will be sent to the client at that time. If an early resolution is not possible, then an acknowledgement will be sent to you within five working days of receipt of the complaint. This communication will include the name, title and contact details of the Manager or Client Service Officer, with a copy of this procedure.

There may be circumstances where it takes longer to resolve your complaint. We will keep you fully informed and give an anticipated date by which it can be resolved. In any event, Dignity expects to send a final response within six weeks of receiving your complaint. If this is not possible, we will advise you why and communicate a final response date.

I am dissatisfied with the way my complaint has been handled. What should I do?

If at any time you are dissatisfied with the handling of a complaint, you should inform Dignity by writing to:

Chief Executive Officer
Dignity Plc
King Edward’s Court
6 King Edward’s Square
Sutton Coldfield 
West Midlands
B73 6AP

The CEO will acknowledge receipt and review the matter, providing a response within seven working days.

If you are still dissatisfied, you can contact the Funeral Arbitration Scheme within twelve months of the date of our final response letter.

The Funeral Arbitration Scheme is administered by the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). Arbitration is provided by IDRS Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.

Dignity is a member of the NAFD, and as a condition of membership, we are bound by the terms of the Association’s Code of Practice, which includes the requirement to participate in all and any cases of conciliation or arbitration. We are committed to abide by its rulings.

The Funeral Arbitration Scheme
618 Warwick Road
West Midlands
B91 1AA
Tel 0121 711 1636
Email fas@nafd.org.uk