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Learn more about how a Funeral Notice can help you, or speak to our team at Closed - A Bennett & Sons Funeral Directors in Buckhurst Hill to have one created for your loved one.
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Funeral Notices: a respectful way to share details of your loved one’s funeral

There’s already a lot to think about when someone dear passes away, without the extra worry of informing those that knew them. At Closed - A Bennett & Sons Funeral Directors, we’ll make it easier to share the details of funeral arrangements with a complimentary online Funeral Notice.

A Funeral Notice is a dedicated webpage about your loved one, with space for a personal tribute to them and the option to share a treasured photo, personal thoughts and memories. The Funeral Notice displays the full details of the funeral and/or wake including timings and directions to each venue if guests are welcome. The page will also manage donations to a chosen charity both before and after the funeral and enable guests to send flowers if this is in keeping with family wishes.

Regardless of the funeral service you choose, a Funeral Notice is included free of charge - we consider this part of our commitment to making this difficult time that bit easier for you.

A Funeral Notice from A Bennett & Sons helps you:

  • Announce your loved one's passing and funeral arrangements in a simple, respectful way
  • Give those who knew your loved one time to make plans for paying their respects
  • Keep those who are attending informed if funeral arrangements change
  • Collect and process charitable donations online, before and after the funeral
  • Advise well-wishers on how to send flowers or other tributes
  • Pay tribute to your loved one by displaying a favourite photograph
  • Share a personal goodbye or memory
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