Funeral Notices

Learn more about how a Funeral Notice can help you, or see our recent Funeral Notices from Henry Ingram & Sons Funeral Directors in Ventnor.
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All you need to know about Funeral Notices

When choosing a Dignity funeral director like Henry Ingram & Sons Funeral Directors, you will be offered a complementary Funeral Notice. This is a personalised webpage that you can easily share with your family and friends before the day of the funeral.

We understand that there is a lot to think about when arranging a loved one’s funeral, and we want nothing more than to make things a little easier for you. A Funeral Notice can save you time, and is a simple and respectful way of letting your family and friends know about the arrangements.

A Funeral Notice helps you:

  • Inform your family and friends the details of the funeral
  • Help family and friends plan their journey
  • Keep people updated if arrangements change
  • Collect charitable donations online
  • Help people send flowers and floral tributes
  • Share a cherished photograph of your loved one
  • Give a personalised and loving tribute to your loved one
You can see some of our funeral notices below or call us on
to have one created for your loved one.
Funeral Notice on a tablet | Dignity Funerals

Funeral Notices

Here are some of the most recent Funeral Notices for Henry Ingram & Sons Funeral Directors in Ventnor.