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Crematorium information

Important Update 21st April 2020 – Reopening of memorial grounds 

Following a recent update from the Government regarding the closures of crematorium and cemetery grounds, The CMG are pleased to inform you that our memorial grounds have now re-opened to members of the public.

The CMG would like to politely remind all visitors that social distancing must always be respected within our grounds, ensuring that you remain at least 2 meters apart from other visitors and staff.

In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our visitors and staff, our offices and other public areas will remain closed until further notice. If you need to contact a member of staff, please use the telephone number provided on our website.

Thank you for your continued support.


Exeter & Devon Crematorium opened in November 1963 and is set in 14 acres of well-maintained grounds.

We are here to help you with whatever you would like for the funeral service. Our dedicated and caring staff treats every family with dignity and respect. At the service we will be there to help you every step of the way.

Exeter & Devon Crematorium has two service chapels and we can accommodate larger funerals. Both chapels are multi-faith and have CD and Wesley Music System facilities, visual tributes are also available in our larger chapel. Our Book of Remembrance is displayed in our memorial chapel, which is open all year round, can be used for private prayer, small memorial services or purely for reflection.

The crematorium also has access for the disabled, including disabled parking, wheelchair access and toilet facilities. A loop system is also provided.

Our gardens of remembrance provide a tranquil setting for people to remember their loved ones. Paths either meander through the main rose garden to Willow Lake or lead through an avenue of trees before carrying on alongside the riverbank. St James' / Salmon Pool leat also borders the rear of the grounds and behind our communal scattering lawn, Twin Oaks.

We are very fortunate to have many existing old trees, such as oaks, cedars, Lebanon, willows, chestnuts and yews, together with part of the original brick and Ha-Ha walls still standing in our grounds. Our gardens are also home to a flock of beautiful white fantail doves. Our gardens are open 365 days a year.

Our memorial staff can show you around the gardens at any time and help you to make your choice of memorial. We can offer a number of rose, bench and private gardens, wall niches and family estates.

The History of Exeter & Devon Crematorium

The grounds of Exeter & Devon Crematorium were formerly part of the 31 acre Northbrook Park Estate, which was owned by John Dawson in the late 19th century. The former Northbrook Lodge was located where our pond and fountain are situated today.

Following the May 1942 blitz, the lodge became a civil defence headquarters, primarily because it still had electricity supplied from a hydro-electric generator at Countess Weir Mill. The lodge was converted into flats in 1946 when compulsorily purchased, then demolished in 1954.

Opening Hours

The Office:
Our office buildings are closed to the general public in accordance with current Government Guidelines.

The collection of cremated remains and memorial consultations can still take place by means of an appointment.

Please contact the crematorium directly to make an appointment.

The Grounds:
Our grounds remain open to members of the public.

The CMG would like to politely remind all visitors that social distancing must always be respected within our grounds in accordance with Government Guidelines.

The Memorial Office:
Appointments can be made by contacting the crematorium directly by telephone.

The Book of Remembrance Room:
Our Book of Remembrance is available during normal office hours. Before visiting please contact the crematorium directly.


There are 137 parking spaces available across two car parks.

Our fees

We know that understanding what goes into the cost of a funeral can sometimes be difficult for families. We also recognise that understanding the overall financial implications of arranging a funeral is important. To this end we have included a downloadable price list of the services available to you.

It is important to us that any confusion is completely removed to help families to fully understand what the Cremation Fee includes, and what this means as part of the wider cost of the funeral. We have outlined the elements that are necessary to provide a cremation service to you below, although of course we would be happy to discuss any further queries you might have directly with you. You can contact us at any time to talk through any further options and any fees that might apply.

The cremation fee includes the following:

  • All professional services relating to the administration and registration of the cremation, in line with statutory regulation.
  • The use of our Chapel along with the assistance of a trained staff member on the day of the service.
  • The provision of music during the funeral service (please contact the Crematorium for details of our available options).
  • The sensitive handling of the cremation in line with environmental legislation.
  • The appropriate national environmental levy for mercury abatement.
  • The scattering or interment of the ashes within our Gardens of Remembrance, or the preparation for their removal along with a suitable container and the Cremation Certificate.
  • Alternatively, we will look after the ashes for an indefinite period without charge whatsoever.

We also offer weekend services, fees for which along with  other available services are detailed in the PDF attachment entitled Cremation Price List

Direct cremation

We have a number of options available to meet the ever increasing demand for this service which are detailed below.

Unattended Direct Cremation

  • There will be no service in the chapel and no mourners in attendance.
  • Sometime following the cremation, staff at the Crematorium will contact the Applicant to confirm instructions for the ashes in order to offer any further assistance. There are many occasions when families change their decision having had time for further thought and discussion.

Attended Direct Cremation

  • The attended direct cremation is available at 9.00am.
  • This option enables families to attend the crematorium to see the coffin in the chapel and be able to spend a few moments with the coffin before the leaving the chapel.
  • The crematorium staff will be available to help and assist you during the time at the crematorium, showing you both in and out of the chapel at the appropriate times.
  • Music may also be played should you wish.
  • Sometime following the cremation, staff at the Crematorium will contact the Applicant to confirm instructions for the ashes in order to offer any further assistance. There are many occasions when families change their mind having had time for further thought.

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