Chiswick Funeral Notices

A Funeral Notice from W S Bond in Chiswick will help you keep your loved one’s friends and family informed. Read our latest notices below.
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Funeral Notices make passing on funeral details that bit easier

As well as taking care of the funeral arrangements, at W S Bond Funeral Directors, we also help you share those details via an online Funeral Notice.

A Funeral Notice is a dedicated webpage about your loved one and their funeral or wake. This is provided free of charge as part of our commitment to taking care of every detail of the funeral. Whichever type of funeral service you choose, a Funeral Notice is a simple and respectful way of informing those who knew your loved one.

The webpage provides a space to pay tribute to the person who has passed away with a treasured photo and an area to share personal thoughts and memories. The Funeral Notice will also manage donations to a chosen charity and advise guests on how to send flowers, if required.

A Funeral Notice from W S Bond will:

  • Provide full details of your loved one’s funeral and/or wake arrangements
  • Allow guests time to plan their journey to pay their respects
  • Automatically notify guests if funeral arrangements should change
  • Advise of a chosen charity and collect and process donations in memory
  • Help well-wishers send on flowers or other tributes
  • Display a favourite photograph of your loved one
  • Include space for a personal goodbye or tribute to your loved one
Below are some recent Funeral Notices from W S Bond Funeral Directors. If you would like one created for your loved one, please call
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