Our cemeteries provide families with a peaceful and tranquil place to pay their respects to loved ones who have passed away.

Situated throughout the UK, our cemeteries play an important role in the communities in which they are situated, and it is not unusual for generations of families to be buried close together.

Beckenham Cemetery

Opened in 1876, Beckenham Cemetery is the oldest cemetery operated by Dignity and is a place of outstanding tranquillity.

After many years in operation the cemetery remains a key part of the local community and staff often help visitors to trace their family history using the handwritten grave registers.

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East London Cemetery

The East London Cemetery was founded in 1871 and laid out in 1872 to meet the increasing demand from the City and surrounding areas of East London.

The cemetery boasts a beautiful chapel notable for its stained-glass windows, which were designed by Archibald John Davies (1877-1953) and produced between 1930 and 1932.

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Streatham Park Cemetery

Streatham Park Cemetery was opened in 1908 to serve the needs of the growing population of wealthy Londoners who moved to the area around the turn of the century.

The cemetery now covers 63 acres and has a large selection of above-ground burial options such as mausoleums, vaults and wall interments.

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Rotherham cemeteries

Dignity has managed the cemeteries in Rotherham on behalf of the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council since August 2008.

The cemeteries have been serving communities in the area for almost 150 years. The oldest cemetery in the borough is Moorgate, which was opened in 1841, while Greasbrough Lane, which was opened in 1993, is the most recent.

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Photo of a headstone within a cemetery

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