Funeral Directors in Bickley

We have three funeral homes local to Bickley. These are Francis Chappell & Sons in Beckenham, Downham and Bromley.

We're proud to have served Bickley and the surrounding communities since 1871 and offer two different funeral packages to meet your needs. From unattended cremations to bespoke celebrations of life, we can meet any wishes your loved one may have stated, or work with you to create a fitting farewell.

We also have a range of funeral plans available, should you be interested in arranging and pre-paying for your own funeral.

For further information, please get in touch with one of our funeral directors near Bickley. Our friendly team will be able to help you further.

Our Bickley Funeral Directors

  • Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors in Bromley

    Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors

    231 High Street
    Bromley BR1 1NZ
    020 8460 1720
  • Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors in Downham

    Closed - Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors

    468 Bromley Road
    Downham BR1 4PP
    020 8697 2487

    You can depend on Francis Chappell & Sons to offer the highest standards of funeral care, services and facilities.

  • Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors in Beckenham

    Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors

    238 High Street
    Beckenham BR3 1EN
    020 8650 0304

    With over 175 years' experience helping out local families, Francis Chappell & Sons is a name you can trust.

Our Bickley Funeral Directors Offer:

  • The choice of an Unattended Funeral or an Attended Funeral, depending on your needs and wishes
  • The option of cremation or burial at a crematoria or burial site in Bickley or the surrounding areas
  • A free Funeral Notice to notify others of your loved one’s passing and to provide information regarding the funeral
  • A quality funeral home, where we will take the utmost care of your loved one
  • A quiet and peaceful chapel of rest, where we can arrange for you to visit your loved one
  • A fleet of hearses, limousines and alternative funeral vehicles
  • Memorials ranging from headstones to commemorative urns
  • A choice of pre-paid funeral plans to help you prepare for your own funeral, ahead of time

Frequently asked questions

  • When someone dies, the first steps will depend on how and where the person passed away. Our step-by-step guides will walk you through the practical steps. For additional support and personal advice, please get in touch with us.

  • Third party funeral costs are additional charges which we will manage for you and attach to your single invoice. Get in touch with us to confirm costs and plan a funeral to fit your budget.

  • You don't have to make an appointment at our funeral homes. However, doing so will ensure that someone can be available to cater to your needs. When arranging a funeral, our Funeral Directors are happy to visit you in your own home, if required.

  • If you choose to arrange the funeral with us, you will be given the option of a complimentary Funeral Notice. We will set it up for you using the details discussed during the arrangements. All we need is an email address.

  • A pallbearer is one of usually four or six people who carry, or help transport, the coffin, throughout the stages of a funeral. Coffins are often moved on wheeled biers; but bearers are still needed.

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