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Burial costs in the UK

How much does a burial cost? Find out what costs are involved when arranging a burial funeral for your loved one.

Burial costs in the UK can vary significantly depending on:

  • Location of the cemetery or burial ground
  • Types of services you choose for the funeral
  • Additional costs including choice of flowers, coffins and a wake

How much does a burial cost?

The average cost of a burial in the UK is £5,000. This comprises burial charges, minister or celebrant fees, and funeral director fees. The infographic below provides a detailed breakdown of all burial costs and how burial fees vary significantly across the UK.

Dignity's National Funeral Cost Survey is based on a sample of funeral directors across the UK.

Additional factors that may affect burial costs in the UK

If you choose a burial service for your loved one, the overall cost of the funeral will be determined by who arranges it; whether you arrange the funeral service yourself, or if you wish for a funeral director to arrange it for you.

Our Funeral Directors will be responsible for arranging the funeral, allowing you and your family time to grieve. Their duties include:

  • Bringing your loved one into our care
  • Caring for your loved one in our climate controlled facilities
  • Preparing and transporting the deceased to the cemetery or burial ground on the day of the funeral¬†

Your Funeral Director will also ensure all of the necessary forms are completed to allow the burial to be conducted. Find out more about what a funeral director does.

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