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Cost of a cremation funeral in the UK

The cost of a cremation funeral in the UK can vary significantly depending on:

  • Location of the cremation
  • Types of services you choose for the funeral
  • Additional costs including choice of flowers, coffins and a wake

The following infographic provides a detailed breakdown of all the costs associated with arranging a cremation funeral.

Dignity's National Funeral Cost Survey is based on a sample of funeral directors across the UK.

Other considerations for cremation costs

Overall cremation funeral costs will also be determined on whether you wish for a funeral director to arrange the funeral for you, taking away much of the responsibility whilst you’re grieving, or if you wish to arrange it yourself.

If you use a funeral director, they’ll collect, store, care for and prepare, and deliver the deceased to the cemetery or crematorium. They’ll also ensure the necessary forms for cremation are completed. Find out more about what a funeral director does.

There could be extra charges for cremating a person who didn’t live in the district or borough in which your chosen crematoria operates. Be sure to ask your funeral director if this is the case.

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