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Cremation costs

Cremation costs can vary significantly across the UK. If you are organising a funeral for a loved one, please take the following cremation fees into consideration:

  • Location of the cremation
  • Types of services you choose for the funeral
  • Additional costs including choice of flowers, coffins and a wake

How much does cremation cost?

The average cost of a cremation funeral in the UK is £3,986.

Our infographic below provides a detailed breakdown of all cremation fees and what the average price of cremation services are across the UK.

Dignity's National Funeral Cost Survey is based on a sample of funeral directors across the UK.

What is included in the overall cost of cremation?

Overall cremation funeral costs will be determined on whether you wish for a funeral director to arrange the service for you, or if you wish to arrange it yourself. Our Funeral Directors can help ease the burden of planning a cremation funeral for a loved one, alleviating a lot of stress at such a difficult and upsetting time.

Our Simple Funeral is available for £1,695 in Scotland or £1,995 throughout the rest of the UK, excluding third party costs.

If you choose a Dignity Funeral Director, the fees will cover the following:

  • Bringing your loved one into our care
  • Caring for your loved one in our climate controlled facilities
  • Preparing and transporting the deceased to the crematorium on the day of the funeral.

Your Funeral Director will also make sure the necessary forms for cremation are completed. Find out more about what a funeral director does.

If your loved one didn't live in the district or borough in which your chosen crematorium operates, there could be extra charges for cremation. Be sure to ask your Funeral Director if this is the case.

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