Clevedon Road
North Somerset

Telephone: 01934 510608

Cemetery information

Officially opened in 1886 with the first registered burial taking place in 1900. The townsfolk believe that the land was used prior to that to bury those who were washed up by the sea and could not be identified.

The original two acre section of the cemetery is home to the graves of over 50 boys who died whilst in the care of the National Nautical School training on the Bristol Training Ship Formidable. Many of the boys who attended the school were either orphaned or sent there as a punishment following a petty crime and died of one of the many communicable diseases that were rife in the early 1900's, falls from the ship or the mast.

A recently added annexe to the original cemetery has ensured that families can still be buried on the same site as their forefathers for many years to come.

Contact with all off site cemeteries should be made via Ebdon Road.

Opening Hours

The Office:
Our office buildings are open. The CMG are encouraging booking an appointment prior to visiting. Please contact the crematorium directly to make an appointment.

The collection of cremated remains and memorial consultations can still take place by means of an appointment.

The Grounds:
Our grounds remain open to members of the public.

The Memorial Office:
Appointments can be made by contacting the crematorium directly by telephone.

The Book of Remembrance Room:
Our Book of Remembrance is available during normal office hours. Before visiting please contact the crematorium directly.

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