Rowan Road
SW16 5JG

Telephone: 020 8679 4164

Cemetery information

In the early 1900s Streatham began its transformation from a quiet village into a bustling suburb. Streatham became attractive to wealthy residents who wanted to be close to London and rows of Victorian villas sprang up. To serve the needs of this growing population Streatham Park Cemetery opened in Rowan Road in 1908.

In the early part of the 20th century it is estimated that 20 per cent of South London’s burials took place in Streatham Park Cemetery and records show that by 1917 over 30,000 burials had taken place there.

Famous names to have been buried here include the internationally renowned singer, Dorothy Squires, and comedian Tom Costello.

Opening Hours

Our opening hours for the grounds from November - March are 8.00am - 4.00pm. Our opening hours for the grounds from April - October are 8.00am - 5.00pm


There is no parking availability on weekends.

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