Once the cremation service has taken place we are on hand to go through the options available for you to lay the ashes to rest and choose a memorial for the person who has died.

Choosing a final resting place

To ensure you are given every assistance when making your decision, the crematorium will send you a brochure detailing some of the memorial options. We advise that you take time to visit the crematorium and speak with one of our dedicated members of staff before you make a final decision on where you would like the ashes laid to rest.

We are happy to assist and provide you with all the information you require and the time that you need to help you make your decision.

Following your instructions

At the time of arranging the cremation service families often give the funeral director instructions for the laying to rest of the ashes. We will always contact you to confirm these instructions to ensure that your wishes are unchanged. Often families change their mind after the cremation has taken place and may, for example, decide that they wish to witness the laying to rest of the ashes within our grounds.

If you are unsure of what you plan to do with the ashes, you do not have to rush into making your decision. All our crematoria realise the importance of allowing you sufficient time to make this important decision and will therefore continue to care for the ashes at the crematorium without charge.

Gardens of remembrance

The majority of people choose to have the ashes laid to rest in a crematorium garden of remembrance.

Our aim at all our crematoria is to provide you with a tranquil garden setting designed for quiet thought and reflection while also reflecting the interests and characteristics of those commemorated within it.

We provide a range of memorials and have developed and maintain beautiful gardens of remembrance to provide a peaceful place for families to remember their loved ones. Our staff are committed to providing the highest standards of service while our gardeners keep the grounds looking beautiful all year round.

Our gardens are open to the public and can be visited any time during opening hours.

Laying ashes to rest elsewhere

While most people choose to have the ashes placed in our gardens of remembrance others prefer to have the ashes laid to rest in a family grave in a churchyard or cemetery. If you want to place the ashes elsewhere, you will need the permission of the landowner.

The funeral director can arrange for the ashes to be sent to another part of the UK. If you want them sent to another country, there may be a small fee to cover legal paperwork.

Choosing a memorial

Choosing a memorial is an important decision and we have dedicated staff to help you every step of the way. We’ll spend as much time as you require discussing the choices available and we’ll also give you as long as you need to make your decision.

We know choice is important, which is why we offer a variety of memorials from an entry in our Book of Remembrance to an interment with an individually designed private garden or a bespoke arrangement. You choose and we do the rest. All you have to do after making the arrangement is visit.

Memories are personal to you and your memorial should reflect this. We take a great deal of care and attention in the design of our remembrance gardens and we provide a range of memorial options to ensure that they will provide you with comfort for many years.

All our memorial arrangements are in perpetuity, ensuring the dedication will remain permanently in place and saving you and your family the worry of lease renewal costs.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a visit to our gardens of remembrance.

A garden of remembrance

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