Find your local Barnes funeral directors

If you are looking for a funeral director in Barnes, Dignity can help. We have a funeral home that serves the whole of the South London village, providing compassionate funeral care to the local community, whenever it is needed.

Since 1936, the Barnes funeral home has been a first port of call for families coming to terms with bereavement. Located on the bend of the river Thames, our funeral directors is a short distance from Barnes Bridge railway station and opposite the famous Bull's Head public house, with its associated Jazz Room.

As with our branches across the rest of South London, and throughout the UK, you will receive a level of care here that goes far beyond the recognised standard. Our accreditation from the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) means you can rely on us to provide a high quality service, arranging funerals that suit any religious, non-religious or cultural requirements.

Dignity is available to offer support 24 hours of the day. To find out more about our funeral directors in Barnes, London, select the option below.