F M & J Wait Funeral Directors

The history of our Staffordshire funeral directors

Established in the Early 1800s

Frank Martin and John Wait were carpenters and cabinet makers in Lichfield when they first opened their funeral home over 200 years ago.

As was often the case, an opportunity presented itself to the carpenters to undertake a funeral for a local family as Lichfield during the time did not have a funeral director.

Realising the community needed one, they arranged for stabling and carriages and established their first funeral home, F M & J Wait Funeral Directors at 25 Bird Street. The horses were kept nearby on Lombard Street.

Notable Funerals

Every family in our care is precious to us and whilst we treat every one with the same respect, there have been a few funeral services that have been special the wider.

The Canons and Bishops of Lichfield are revered by the larger community and we are honoured to have organised funeral services for them.

Stephen Sutton, the teenage who raised funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust, inspired many across the country. A public vigil was held in Lichfield Cathedral where many turned up to pay their respect, followed by a private family funeral the next day.

Modern Day Funeral Directors

Our funeral home on Bird Street started out as the Unicorn Public House and is now a Grade 1 listed building. The original beams, fireplace, wooden frame and the staircase built from ships timber are all still intact, as well as the stoke porcelain signage on the front of the building.

As the company grew, an additional funeral home was opened in 2013 to help the families nearby in Tamworth.

F M & J Wait Funeral Directors has been passed down five generations of the Wait family, whilst continuing to provide funeral care services with kindness, compassion and respect to all.

Our funeral homes

Funeral services with distinction photo
Funeral services with distinction photo

Funeral Services with distinction

We are proud to be part of Dignity Funerals, a collection of the UK's finest funeral directors, with each and every one committed to setting superior standards.

Many Dignity funeral directors have been part of the local community for generations and it is a privilege to serve those who live beside us. Our rich and lengthy heritage ensures we can deliver our service with local knowledge and unparalleled expertise.
per cent of families said that Dignity met or exceeded their expectations.
per cent of people said that they would recommend Dignity.