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Planning a funeral service

Planning a funeral is a vital part of the funeral process, to create a bespoke and unique send-off. There are a range details to consider, from arranging funeral transport, to choosing a coffin, to music and readings for the service. This article will guide you through the process of planning a funeral service.

This step-by-step guide will take you through the things you need to do when planning a funeral:

  • Planning a funeral ahead of time
  • Choose a type of service
  • Pick a venue and date for the service
  • Planning a religious funeral
  • Planning a non-religious funeral
  • Consider what type of coffin you want
  • Include music and readings
  • Create an order of service
  • Consider flowers or charitable donations
  • Arrange funeral transport
  • Write an obituary
  • Organise a wake
Planning a funeral | Dignity Funerals

How to plan a funeral service

Whether you're planning a funeral for a loved one or you're thinking about planning your own funeral in advance, it's important that you take your time when making any key decisions. Our Funeral Directors will help take away the stress of planning a funeral, making sure your loved one's send-off is a personal and unique celebration of their life.

Planning a funeral ahead of time

When planning a funeral, check to see if your loved one had a pre-paid funeral plan. This will help cover the costs of the funeral service and provide details of their final wishes.

Choose a type of service

You should think about the type of service you want, whether it’s a burial or cremation, religious or non-religious.

Pick a venue and date for the service

Picking a date and venue for the ceremony that suits those who attend and the type of funeral service you want is important. Your appointed funeral director can help you plan the service.

Planning a religious funeral

If you prefer a religious funeral service, our funeral directors can help - they are well versed and experienced in conducting all religious funeral traditions.

Planning a non-religious funeral

If you’d prefer a humanist or non-religious funeral, our funeral directors can accommodate all your needs and organise a fitting funeral service.

Consider what type of coffin you want

When choosing a coffin or urn, you should consider what your loved one would have wanted and the type of funeral service as your options may differ depending on whether or not you opt for a cremation.

Include music and readings in the service

Funeral music and readings are a way to truly personalise the service and commemorate your loved one's life.

Plan the order of service booklet for the funeral

The order of service will show some of your loved one’s favourite photos, life moments and an itinerary of the service.

Consider flowers or charitable donations

Funeral flowers can help personalise the service and provide a fitting tribute. Some families choose for donations to be made to charity alongside or rather than buying flowers.

Arrange funeral transport and choose a route for the procession

When planning a funeral, the procession can be an important part of the day. Think about some of your loved one's favourite locations or places where they spent a lot of time.

Write an obituary or create an online Funeral Notice

At Dignity, we offer a complementary online Funeral Notice as part of our service. Your appointed funeral director will help arrange this for you.

Planning a wake or funeral reception on the day

Organising a wake or reception is a good way to remember your loved one’s life and spend time with other attendees in a more relaxed environment after the funeral service.

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This guide will take you through the key things to consider when arranging a fitting funeral service

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