Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors

From our funeral homes in Taunton and Wellington, Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors serves the Somerset communities with the greatest care.

About Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors

A part of Somerset since the 1960s, Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors has ensured that families like yours, throughout the county, have a reliable undertaker, ready to serve them in their times of need.

We have two funeral homes ready to provide support and funeral arrangement services to the local community. Our funeral home in Taunton sits in the parish of Comeytrowe, where we have been helping families pay respects to their loved ones in dignified and meaningful ways since 1999. Our other funeral home was also our first in Somerset and is based in Wellington, where it has been a source of comfort for those experiencing loss, for over half a century.

At Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors, we are honoured to be a part of our community. That local families have accepted and trust us with the care of both themselves and their loved ones is important to us and we believe in giving something back. In previous years we have been involved with nursing home fetes, along with fundraising at the Wellington Carnival. We also take part in an annual Christmas Memorial Service, to which families are invited to remember the ones they have lost.

Thomas Brothers is your local funeral directors, providing the highest standards of funeral care. You can find out more about our Taunton and Wellington funeral homes by selecting one of the images below.
Funeral services with distinction photo
Funeral services with distinction photo

Funeral Services with distinction

We are proud to be part of Dignity Funerals, a collection of the UK's finest funeral directors, with each and every one committed to setting superior standards.

Many Dignity funeral directors have been part of the local community for generations and it is a privilege to serve those who live beside us. Our rich and lengthy heritage ensures we can deliver our service with local knowledge and unparalleled expertise.
per cent of families said that Dignity met or exceeded their expectations.
per cent of people said that they would recommend Dignity.