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Funeral Plan Costs

How much does a Funeral Plan Cost?

Funeral Plans vary in price, depending on which type of package you choose. A basic plan can cost around £2,800 with the top packages, which usually include more services, costing around £4,000. Most providers, including Dignity, give you the ability to pay for funeral plans in a variety of ways including one off payments and monthly installments.

Dignity offer 4 Funeral Plans; Limited, Amber, Pearl and Diamond. To see a breakdown of the costs and services of our plans, please use our handy plans comparison page.

How much do Funeral Plans cost per month?

Dignity provide you with the option of paying for your funeral plan with monthly instalments. Our instalment options start from £20.24 a month* but there are a variety of monthly instalment options available. In order to see our full range of payment options you can request a free guide or call us and we'll talk to you through the options available to you.

"I was so thankful that mother had the foresight to arrange her funeral in advance"

– E.Arnold