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Funerals in the UK are often bathed in tradition - with many of the beliefs and customs we now associate with funerals dating back many years. As a result, many people have a fixed idea of what a funeral looks like, with cars, flowers and funeral attire often tied to these well-versed traditions.

The reality is, the funeral is changing. Fewer people are opting for tradition, with colourful personalised funerals becoming increasingly commonplace. These types of funerals have become the norm, with families increasingly opting to plan funerals that reflect the life, hobbies and interests of their loved one.

While many people prefer to personalise the funeral in keeping with a more traditional funeral or religious send-off, others opt for a celebration of life. With more than 800 funeral directors around the UK, the team at Dignity have lots of experience of planning memorable, personalised funerals. They share their insights into how families can create memorable funerals that honour and celebrate the lives of those who have died.

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