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Our Coffin Manufacturing

At Dignity, we pay attention to every little detail. Many of our coffins are made in our own facilities in East Yorkshire.

At present, we have two factories, one focuses on foil coffins. Whilst the other manufactures our solid oak and veneer coffins. At this factory, we also produce our bespoke coffins, which are still created by hand to any specification.

Every coffin we make, we ensure it meets our strict quality control checks.

We’ve recently brought a range of new machines, so now we can start creating and designing printed theme coffins in-house. Common themes include golf, football, iconic back drops and flowerbed designs.

Helping the environment

We are environmentally conscious and are invested in reducing the impact of our carbon footprint. Dignity is proud to be FSC® accredited for most of the coffins produced at our manufacturing facilities. Our ethical and responsible manufacturing helps to ensure that forests remain thriving environments for generations to come. Look for the FSC® Certified Products in our Traditional and Picture collection

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