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Our legal services team are here to help you at this difficult time

At Dignity, we provide you with a complimentary Legal Services membership package if you arrange a funeral with us. It gives you three months free legal advice and practical support on matters you are facing now and may face in the future.

Our hands-on support means we offer practical help with tasks such as closing bank accounts, understanding if probate is required or looking after an empty property. In fact, whatever legal issues you or your family has to deal with over the next three months, you’ll be able to contact your own dedicated advisor for advice, as often as you need to.

Dignity Legal Services

Dealing with finances when someone dies

When a loved one sadly passes away, how you deal with their estate will depend on whether or not they left behind a will.

We've created a series of guides which explain how to manage a loved one's bank accounts, mortgage and debt when they die.

How to deal with finances after death

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