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Things to consider before you arrange a funeral and who has the right to arrange a funeral

Before we begin making funeral arrangements, we would like to take some time to discuss with you who has the right to arrange a funeral.
We are a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors and as such we abide by The Funeral Director Code. We also have a legal obligation to try and ensure the person who is arranging a funeral has the right to do so, or has permission from those who do.

The NAFD offers guidance on who has the right to arrange a funeral and explains on their website: 
‘The rules governing who is entitled to arrange a funeral can often be at odds with the expectations of relatives and friends who have lost loved ones. At a time when emotions often run high, this guidance is designed to help you understand whether you are entitled to arrange a particular funeral service – and avoid any disputes arising.’

If there is a Will and therefore a known Executor or Executrix then they are the person(s) responsible for arranging the funeral (although they must appoint only one Executor or Executrix to arrange the funeral), or for appointing a non-executor to do so. 

If there is no Will, then has a relative who is entitled to act as the administrator of the estate applied, or do they intend to apply, for Letters of Administration? If you are aware that a relative who is entitled to be the administrator has applied, or is intending to apply for appointment as the administrator of the estate, then you should only arrange the funeral with this person’s agreement.  
If there is no Will or Letters of Administration in place, and no one is in the process of applying for Letters of Administration (as this application may take several weeks), then the responsibility would pass to the next of kin.
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