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Arranging a personal and high quality funeral service

Being trusted with something as important as a person’s final wishes is an honour and a privilege that we never take lightly.

For us, every funeral is unique and deeply personal. The choices available to you are limitless and we ensure you are able to create a tailored funeral for your loved one. You can also be assured that you'll receive uncomplicated explanations and open and honest answers in order for you to make informed decisions.

We are here to support and advise you at every stage, with uncompromising compassion. Each and every one of our professional Funeral Directors is committed to setting superior standards and we promise to provide unequalled support, reassurance and attention to detail when arranging a funeral.

What funeral services do we offer?

We offer two different types of funeral service, so that you can select the one that’s most suited to you and the wishes of your loved one. Choose our Full Service Funeral, or a lower cost option which includes all of the essentials.

Full Service Funeral

Our Full Service Funeral allows you to create an entirely personal and bespoke commemoration, respecting any final wishes. Every person is unique and our services can be designed to celebrate your loved one's life story.

You can choose a specific type of funeral service; whether you wish to arrange a traditional funeral ceremony or would prefer something a little bit different, such as a woodland burial. There are lots of choices you can make, from arranging unique funeral transport to deciding where the service will be held.

Full Service Funeral details

Simple Funeral

Our Simple Funeral is the perfect option if you are able to be a little more flexible on certain aspects of the funeral.

Offering you a complete funeral at a lower cost, the Simple Funeral is available for £1,695 in Scotland or £1,995 throughout the rest of the UK. It provides all of the essentials, including a professional and fully trained Funeral Director, without compromising on the quality of the service that is delivered.

Simple Funeral Details

Helping you choose the right funeral service for you and your loved one

If you're unsure which type of funeral service suits your needs, you can compare the two options side-by-side. Alternatively, contact your local Funeral Director to talk through our funeral packages in more detail. They will be more than happy to help.

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