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From leaving school to retiring, we experience many key milestones throughout our lives. Dignity has conducted research into the major life moments we go through, such as buying our first home, getting married, having children, and planning our own funeral.

From this research, we've created a ‘Life’s Moments’ tool, allowing you to explore the general attitudes people have towards planning for major milestones. Click on a moment and discover the average age people begin to plan, the age it actually occurs, and the average cost of the event. You can even look into how the nation felt when approaching these stages.

You can filter the data by age, gender, and location, and find out how you compare in the life-planning stakes. So, if you’re approaching a major life moment and wish to see how others at the same stage are feeling, or are simply curious to see how the nation prepares for said stages, explore the full tool below.

Our 'Life's Moments' tool highlights people’s attitudes towards planning the major moments in their lives, and from our data, we discovered that people start planning for these major life moments many years before they actually happen. For example, we found that on average, people start to begin to think about getting engaged at age 21, but don’t marry until they are in their mid-thirties.

Interestingly, our research also found that the one life moment that many respondents said they weren’t preparing for was the cost of their funeral.

Whilst many people start planning to buy their first car at 18, they don’t think about planning their funeral until it’s too late, putting it off as the idea scares them. We found that eight out of ten people said they were not putting any money away for their funeral, and 47% even claimed they would never be prepared to do so.

Planning your funeral in advance

Although understandably many of us won’t want to give thought to our own funeral, let alone plan for it, making preparations is incredibly important and will make it easier for our families at the emotional and difficult time. 67% of people also said they would feel guilty if they left their family behind with debt, so there's really no better time to start looking into purchasing a funeral plan and be prepared for the future.

Planning ahead to help protect your loved ones

A Prepaid Funeral Plan from Dignity will protect you and your loved ones against the rising costs of funerals, allowing you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance.

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