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Coffins and caskets

This guide will provide you with information on our extensive collection of coffins and caskets, from traditional funeral coffins to unique colourful coffins. Learn about the different types of coffins from which you can choose and what sentimental mementoes you can include before burial or cremation.

This guide covers:

How to choose a coffin or casket

Choosing a coffin or casket for your loved one can often help with the bereavement process and is an important part of the funeral arrangements.

Here are a few things you will need to consider when choosing a coffin or casket:

Decide on the material

Coffins and caskets are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal and cardboard. The material you choose may depend on the type of service you are arranging.

For example, if you choose a cremation then the coffin cannot be made of metal. Should you choose to organise a woodland burial or an eco-friendly funeral, you may wish to choose an environmentally-friendly alternative, such as a wicker or cardboard coffin.

Consider the size of coffin required

When it comes to choosing a coffin or casket, it’s important to get the size right. It's helpful if you know the approximate height and weight of your loved one so our funeral professionals are able to advise you on the size of coffin that will be required.

Personalise the coffin

Once you have chosen the type of coffin and know what size is required, you may wish to make it that little bit more personal. Consider what handles or trimmings you would like it to have, or if you want to add a special engraving.

If you're still unsure how to choose a coffin or casket, don't worry. Our Funeral Directors have an extensive range of coffins and caskets throughout the UK and we will be able to guide you through all of your available options.

What is the difference between a coffin and a casket?

The main difference between a coffin and casket is in the design. Funeral coffins are tapered at the head and foot, wide at the shoulders, and often have six sides.

But how do caskets differ? Funeral caskets are rectangular in shape with four sides and they are often constructed of better quality materials with a hinged lid.

Traditional funeral coffins

Our traditional and classic coffins are suitable for both burial and cremation and are available in different colours and materials.

In choosing a coffin, we are aware that caring for the environment is an important consideration for many people. Our aim is to provide you with excellent quality and service whilst looking to reduce any impact on the environment.

Collection of funeral caskets

Alongside our traditional funeral coffins, we also offer further choice in the casket collection. Every individual’s needs are different and we give you as much support, help and advice as you need when choosing a casket for your loved one.

Colourful coffins and picture coffins

Our colourful coffins allow you the opportunity to plan a colourful funeral that reflects your loved one’s passions and celebrates their life.

If you want your loved one’s funeral to be truly unique with a more creative touch, you can choose from our picture coffin designs. For an additional cost, you can even choose a completely bespoke picture coffin, taking inspiration from a special place, their favourite sport, hobby or even a personal photograph.

That way, you can be sure your loved one’s funeral is as unique and individual as they were. 

What is an eco coffin? 

Eco coffins are made from sustainable materials and are typically used for woodland burials and eco-funerals. We take the responsibility of managing global resources seriously and endeavour to source products ethically and with consideration to the environment.

We offer eco coffins as well as biodegradable coffins, containers and scatter tubes so that you can choose the right biodegradable option when planning a funeral for your loved one. 

Things to consider: What to put in a coffin of sentimental value

Placing personal items in funeral coffins or caskets

What can you put in a coffin as a sentimental memento? You may want to place personal items, such as photographs, letters or flowers, in a coffin or casket. Our caring funeral professionals will be more than happy to make these arrangements, providing a fitting tribute for your loved one.

Please keep in mind that there are some restrictions on what you can put in a coffin with burial and cremation funerals. Please contact your local Funeral Director to discuss your available options when it comes to choosing a coffin and deciding which special items you’d like to place inside.

Religious and cultural requirements for funeral coffins

All funeral coffins and caskets have nameplates. If you would like any religious or other symbols on the coffin, we have a wide range available, including Asian and non-Christian symbols. We also have cords and tassels for traditional Scottish funerals.


Memorials are a way to remember our loved ones and can range from headstones at a grave to a simple flower in a garden of remembrance. Memorials provide comfort for many people, giving them a place to visit to remember the person who has died.

When choosing a memorial it is important that you have time to reflect on your decision and understand the different regulations that may affect your choice. We can help you with your choice of memorial after the funeral.

How to carry a coffin

Carrying a coffin is a delicate task. If you have been asked to be a pallbearer at a loved one’s funeral, it’s important that you understand what is involved and the responsibilities that come with the role.

Pallbearers typically carry the coffin at waist height, on their shoulders, or wheel it in with the assistance of a small trolley, known as a wheel bier. Read our guide on pallbearer etiquette for more information and guidance on carrying a coffin or casket.


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