Our helpful brochures provide advice on coping with death and making funeral arrangements.

Advice on coping with death
A guide to funeral etiquette PDF (0.29Mb)
A guide to writing letters of sympathy PDF (0.32Mb)
Helping friends through bereavement PDF (0.28Mb)
Grief: A guide to the healing process PDF (0.27Mb)
A child’s questions about death PDF (0.36Mb)
Understanding a parent's grief PDF (0.31Mb)
Coping with the shock of a violent death PDF (0.25Mb)
Advice on funeral arrangements
A guide to arranging a funeral PDF (1.89Mb)
The coroner and their role PDF (0.33Mb)
Flowers PDF (2.52Mb)
Memorials PDF (3.29Mb)
Choosing a coffin, casket or urn 1 PDF (1.2Mb)
Choosing a coffin, casket or urn 2 PDF (1.8Mb)
Choosing a coffin or ashes urn supplement PDF (0.47Mb)
Choosing a picture coffin or ashes urn PDF (0.65Mb)
Simple funerals PDF (0.12Mb)

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