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6 unique funeral ideas


Organising a funeral

Many people are now choosing to celebrate the life of their loved one with unusual and unique funeral ideas. Personalising a funeral can help create a meaningful and lasting tribute for those who are saying goodbye to someone close.

Here are seven unique funeral ideas that you may wish to include at your loved one’s funeral:

1. Alternative hearses for a fitting final journey

If you want your loved one’s final journey to reflect their life and personality, you can opt for an alternative hearse. The choice of transportation continues to expand, with fire engines, campervans and horse drawn hearses among the most popular requests.

2. A firework display to celebrate their life

If you want someone’s funeral to be a celebration of their life, a memorable fireworks display can be a great way to honour and remember a loved one.  Many people are now even filling fireworks with their loved one’s ashes, scattering them in a truly unforgettable and special fashion.

3. Live stream the funeral for absent friends and family

There has been a rise in demand for live-streaming at funeral services in recent years. Allowing absent friends and family to watch the service live on the internet could be a great alternative if they want to pay their last respects but aren’t able to attend in person. Many of Dignity’s crematoria have video streaming facilities available.

4. Choose an unusual venue

You may wish to choose a more personal or unusual venue for a loved one’s funeral, whether they had religious beliefs or not. From beaches to football grounds, lakeside locations to golf clubs, there are endless possibilities which you could look to explore.

5. Say goodbye with a personalised picture coffin

Opting for a personalised picture coffin which reflects the character or passion of a cherished individual will help create a more personal farewell. Take inspiration from their favourite sport, hobby or even a personal photograph. 


6. Plant a memorial tree

Memorial trees can represent life going on and provide focus for remembrance. Many people believe that planting a tree is a great way of giving back to the environment whilst establishing a living memorial that you frequently visit.

You can also plant a tree from ashes, creating a living memorial which incorporates the remains in the growing process. This can be a poignant and meaningful part of any green funeral or memorial service.

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6 Unique Funeral Ideas

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