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In this guide we will cover:

How to announce the death of a loved one

The way you break the news to family and friends is very important and can be an overwhelming experience for some. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to tell people as quickly as possible but it needs to be handled with compassion and care.

You will need to decide whether you’re telling people face-to-face or over the phone and, if you’re unsure on how to phrase the news, try and keep it as simple as possible.

If the person who has sadly passed away has a large family or wide circle of friends, it’s common to ask someone close to you for help when passing on the news.


How to help someone who is grieving

When you break the sad news to others, you may have to deal with their grief as well as your own. Sometimes you don’t need to say or do anything; just being there to comfort them can be enough.

Allow them to deal with it in their own way and be prepared to listen. Try not to perturb them and only touch/hold them if that’s what they actually want.


How to tell a child about the death

Telling young children about the passing of a loved one should be kept as honest and simple as possible. Children feel and show their grief in different ways, depending on their age and how close they were to the person who died.

You need to be prepared to answer questions truthfully and comfort the child if they require hugs and reassurance.


How to write a death notice or obituary

You may also want to put a death announcement or an obituary in a local or national newspaper to tell people about the passing of a loved one. We can offer help when drafting and sending an obituary to a newspaper, should you need it.

Find out more information about how to write an obituary.


Funeral Notices 

We are pleased to introduce an online Funeral Notice Service that is exclusive to our clients.

Funeral Notices is a simple, elegant and convenient way to inform family and friends of the details of a funeral via email, Facebook and Twitter. It also allows you to arrange flowers or charitable donations if that is part of your wishes.

Find out more about Funeral Notices


When a coroner is involved


Bringing your loved one into our care