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Dignity Legal Services membership package

Dignity’s Legal Service membership package is free when you choose to arrange a funeral with us.* The three month membership is designed to help people at a time when they it most.

24 hour legal advice helpline

Our free telephone advice and practical support will put your mind at ease and can help you to understand:

  • The Estate, including Probate
  • The role of the Executor
  • What to do if there isn’t a Will
  • How to trace assets and missing beneficiaries

Practical help for peace of mind

We can advise you on how to release funds from the deceased’s bank or building society, to help pay for the funeral. In addition, we can inform the local Police and help manage, maintain and arrange insurance for an empty property.

Our team can also notify credit agencies to protect against fraudulent credit applications.

Dedicated Probate helpdesk

Our probate advisors will:

  • Check whether Probate is needed and if so, explain your options
  • Inform you of the duties of the Executor
  • Advise you how to locate and value assets
  • Explain the rules of inheritance tax and advise you if it is applicable in your circumstances

Fixed fee Probate quotation

If Probate is necessary, we can provide a no obligation fixed-fee quote.

Our fees are based on the amount of work involved, so quite often they are lower compared to those who charge a percentage of the whole Estate. As a member if Dignity Legal Services, you will receive an extra 15% discount off our standard fees.

Legal advice on other matters

We recognise that you may have other matters to deal with too. Our expert legal advisors have a wealth of experience across a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Inheritance, Wills and Trusts: Discuss you existing or new estate planning requirements
  • Conveyancing: Making selling and buying a property easier

  • Family and neighbour matters: Assisting you with the challenges of family life

  • Landlord and tenant: Helping both landlords and tenants with the ups and down of renting a property

  • Parking and clamping: Understanding car park fines and clamping – and when they are legitimate

  • Consumer matters: Knowing your rights


*Excluding Scotland, Jersey and Northern Ireland

24 hour legal advice helpline

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